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Zig's Amazing Electric Vehicle Photo Gallery

A few snapshots of my electric car.

Zig and Zig's Amazing Electric Car. Yes, that's a 6'10" (208 cm) Zig standing next to a tiny little Cabriolet, and yes, I really do fit in it. With the top down, I have infinite headroom. With the top up, I do bump the top. So I learn to slouch when driving....

Zig and Zig's Electric Cabriolet

The electric car all by itself.

The Cabriolet

The engine compartment, viewed from the front. Now occupied by batteries and an electric motor. No engine!

Engine Bay, From Front

The engine compartment, viewed from the right. The bright red box is the controller, which controls the amount of current sent to the motor (based on how hard I push down on the "gas" pedal).

Engine Bay, From Right

The motor and transmission. The car still uses the original 5-speed manual transmission that the Cabriolet had as a gas-powered car, but the big engine is replaced with a small electric motor.

Motor and Transmission

The rear battery box. I feared that the 8 batteries in the Cabriolet's rear compartment would completely use up my Cabriolet's tiny trunk. But the batteries are mounted under the trunk in a clean polypropylene box. The only space I lost was for my spare tire, which now sits on top of the batteries in my trunk.

Rear Battery Box

The crew at Mike's Auto Care who did such a fantastic job on the conversion. Left to right, Adam Slominski, Bart Rushing, Mike Slominski.

Mike's Auto Care