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Zig's Amazing Links

Welcome to Zig Zichterman's Links.

A few annotated links that reflect Zig's interests.


Kevin Parichan

Kevin's a great engineer whom I was lucky enough to work with at Farallon and on a few client jobs at Bear River Associates.


I am disappointed that most network TV shows are so boring and repetitive that I turn to some other nation's cartoons for entertainment. Yes, much of anime is boring and repetitive stuff too: I tend to ignore all the battling robot theatre and large breasted females with guns anime.

Anime on DVD

This is probably the first site I turn to to find out what's coming out on DVD, get reviews of discs, and also hunt for easter eggs. My tastes do not always agree with the reviewers, but at least I can find out what a disc is about before I bother renting it.


GreenCine has a fantastic selection of anime, foreign and art films, as well as the typical mainstream Hollywood releases.

Japanese Language


A good online Japanese/English dictionary, I use it all the time. It seems to be difficult for ALC to handle some basic vocabulary items, but it excels at phrases and idioms. So I use Mayjay for basic stuff, and ALC for anything bigger.

Zig's Amazing Favorite Anime

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Utena is not like Sailor Moon! Don't let the From the creator of Sailor Moon marketing sticker on the front scare you away. It's about a lead female who doesn't need a male to rescue her. It's like Xena, complete with backflips (but with a much narrower dramatic range).

The Utena Encyclopedia

This is probably the most informative site, with character backgrounds, plot summaries, scripts, lyrics, and so on.

And since it was so informative and useful, it's a dead link now. :-(

Little Snow Fairy Sugar

(Also known as Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar)

This is an adorable and heartwarming story of a young kid and the magic snow fairy she one day meets.


The Tenchi Muyo: Ultimate Edition boxed set from Pioneer is probably the best production of anime I've ever seen. It's one of the few US English dubs to which I can listen. The Tenchi Universe series is also quite good. But Tenchi in Tokyo feels they took one too many trips to the well, but if you lower your high Tenchi standards it isn't so bad. None of the three movies really interested me much.

The Toonami versions of all these shows are pretty close to the DVDs, but with sake references changed to "tea", swimsuits painted onto folks in baths, and some of the more risque scenes cut entirely. Around our house, we now refer to any alcoholic beverage as tea, much to our own private amusement, and the unintended confusion of any guests.

Online Amusement


Updated several times a week, this is ostensibly a story about a couple US geeks who end up stranded in Japan. But really it's just a great exploration of otaku-dom.

Wil Wheaton dot Net

There seem to be so few souls who rise to the level of expression that Wil Wheaton has acheived. His blog more often reads less often like a personal monument to ego, and more often like a like a collection of short stories, rich in heart and emotion and that elusive quantity. humanity.

Dykes to Watch Out For

Plenty of characters, each with their own personality. Updated occasionally, but worth checking weekly.


Heh. Photoshops funny. Florida tag. Overturned trucks.