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Zig's Amazing Privacy Page

My web server collects information on each hit. It records each request to fetch a file, the IP/DNS address of the requestor, the referring page, what kind of browser or webcrawler requested it, and the OS of the requestor.

I do not collect email addresses, name, social security number, mother's maiden name, or secret Microsoft tracking information. Your browser, if properly written, should not offer that information, but even if it does, I don't request it and I don't log it.

What I Do With Information

I examine statistics to see specifics

Most of this information is interesting only when I change this site around. I try not to rename files out from under outside links into my site. If a page isn't getting read, and I'm sick of maintaining it, I can remove it. If I just put up a new page, is it reaching its intended audience?

I occasionally give out (via email or on a page) links to other sites that might interest people.

I only give out other people's email address if I have their permission.

What I Collect

Below are a couple sample lines from my tracking logs, with names changed to protect whoever logged these hits.

requestor's IP/DNS Address web server root access timestamp HTTP request header HTTP result code # bytes returned referring page browser and OS information /webadmin/home/pub.z/ziggr/public_html [08/Jul/1999:03:46:40 -0700] GET /~ziggr/ir/ HTTP/1.0 200 2996 Mozilla/4.04 [en]C-c32f404p (Win95; I) /webadmin/home/pub.z/ziggr/public_html [08/Jul/1999:06:08:52 -0700] GET /~ziggr/ir/4800.html HTTP/1.0 200 5254 - Mozilla/4.61 [en]C-AtHome0404 (Win95; U)