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Maria-sama ga Miteru Novel English Translation Notes


These are translation notes that go with the translated text of Maria-sama ga Miteru.

This document lists things I learned, new words, new kanji, that I learned as I read マリア様がみてる with Keiko-sensei.

Most of the dictionary definitions are from Jim Breen's EDICT data.



ごきげんよう Gokigenyou

Gokigenyou is a greeting, and farewell.

「ごきげんよう」is really high-falutin' talk. Daughters of really rich families, no, maybe daughters of the Emperor's family, can get away with uttering this greeting in real world conversation. Keiko-sensei still giggles at the excruciatingly high and polite level of speech used in this book, especially by Sachiko. ごきげんよう is also used by Utena's Himemiya, as in my favorite line of all time: 「ごきげんよう、西園寺…先輩」

I leave Gokigenyou untranslated, as it is an identifying phrase for this story, and the translation just wouldn't sound right. It would be like removing the -san and -sama suffixes from names. Or translating "aloha."


The preface on page 6 talks about how no such unladylike students would exist: はしたない生徒など存在していようはずもない

Story 1, Chapter 1


胸さわぎ does not mean "disturbed soul", but more like "fluttering heart" or "butterflies in the stomach." Filled with nervousness and flighty anticipation, not upset or disturbed.

The ず negative verb form

I learned a new verb form today: the ず negative form

わからず=わからない=not knowing

変わらず=変わらない=not changing

Vneg + ず is negation, just like Vneg + ない

page 10: 訳もわからず=not knowing the reason

page 10: 何が起こったのか一瞬わからず=in a flash, not knowing what happened

page 11: いつもと変わらず清かな微笑=pure smile that does not change

松 竹 梅


These three names are very old, carry connotations of history and good fortune. They appear in a Sho Chiku Bai commercial that runs every weekend on San Francisco's KTSF Channel 26.

Sachiko is in the pine class, 松組.

小笠原 is an old name, typical of a wealthy old family such as Sachiko's.

Student id numbers are assigned alphabetically, あいうえおーかきくけこー…. Sachiko's name 小笠原(おがさわら) starts with お, so it makes sense she would have a low student id number like 7.

The 紅(べに) in 紅薔薇 Rosa Chinensis is the same 紅(べに)in Benihana, the teppan-yaki restaurant chain.

Vocabulary/New Kanji

Page 9
残念ざんねんdeplorable, bad luck, regret, unfortunate
残念ながらざんねんながらI'm afraid to say, I'm sorry to say
発するはっするto emit, to give forth
認識にんしきrecognition, cognizance
絶句ぜっくbecome speechless
辛うじてかろうじてbarely, narrowly, just manage to do it
跳び上がるとびあがるto spring, to jump up, to skip
はしたないunladylike, immodest, vulgar
行為こういact, deed, conduct
日頃ひごろnormally, habitually
成果せいかresults, fruits
決してけっしてnever, by no means
驚きおどろきsurprise, astonishment, wonder
度合いどあいdegree, extent
激しいはげしいviolent, vehement, intense, furious
行動こうどうaction, conduct, behavior
追いつくおいつくto overtake, to catch up
瞬間しゅんかんmoment, second, instant
冷却れいきゃくcooling, refrigeration
自力じりきby oneself, self-made
半生はんなまhalf a life
半信半疑はんしんはんぎhalf-belief, half-doubt
尋ねるたずねるto ask, to enquire
視線しせんone's eyes, glance, look
延長えんちょうextension, prolongation
すでにalready, too late
確認かくにんaffirmation, confirmation
済みすみarranged, taken care of, settled
疑ううたがうto doubt, to distrust, to suspect
心境しんきょうmental state
理由りゆうreason, pretext
心当たりこころあたりhaving some knowledge of, happening to know
寸前すんぜんon the verge, just in front of
よしreason, significance, cause
浮かべるうかべるto float, to express, to look
近づくちかづくto approach, to get near, to get acquainted with
学年がくねんyear in school, grade in school
間近まぢかproximity, nearness
拝見はいけんseeing, look at
Page 10
こしhip, lower back
伸ばすのばすto length, to stretch, to reach out
欲しいほしいwanted, desired
つやつやglossy, bright, slick
枝毛えだげsplit ends (hair)
かばんbook bag
差し出すさしだすto present, to submit, to tender, to hold out
受け取るうけとるto receive, to get, to accept, to take, to interpret, to understand
回すまわすto turn, to revolve
起こるおこるto occur, to happen
起こすおこすto raise, to cause, to wake someone
閉じるとじるto close (book, eyes, meeting), to shut
固いかたいhard, stubborn, firm, certain, solemn
すくめるto shrug, to duck, to draw back (to pull your head in like a turtle)
曲がるまがるto turn, to bend
依然いぜんstill, as yet
身だしなみみだしなみappearance (one's look)
きちんとprecisely, accurately
取り戻すとりもどすto take back, to regain
校舎こうしゃschool building
先に歩くさきにあるくto walk ahead of
姿すがたfigure, shape, appearance, (connotations of a vision or amazing sight?)
状況じょうきょうstate of affairs, situation, circumstances
従うしたがうto obey, to follow, to accompany
徐々じょじょ/そろそろgradually, steadily, quietly, slowly, soon
上るのぼるto rise, to ascend, to climb
Page 11
小笠原おがさわらOgasawara (Sachiko's family name)
出席番号しゅっせきばんごうstudent id number
ちなみにincidentally, by the way
通称つうしょうnickname, alias, a.k.a.
べにcrimson, deep red
さえもっていないI'm not worthy
語るかたるto talk, to tell, to recite
生徒せいとpupil, student
全校ぜんこうthe whole school
あこがれyearning, longing, aspiration
まとgoal, mark, target
しまうto finish, to close, to put away
恥ずかしいはずかしいashamed, embarrassed
沸騰ふっとうboiling, seething
しばらくlittle while
呆然ぼうぜんdumbfounded, in blank amazement
交わすかわすto exchange
意地悪いじわるmaliciousness, ill temper, unkind
悔しいくやしいregrettable, mortifying, vexing, frustrating
紛れまぎれfluke, chance
紛れるまぎれるto be diverted, to slip into
悔し紛れくやしまぎれout of spite
清らかきよらかclean, pure, chaste
ひっそりquiet, still, silent, deserted

Story 1, Chapter 2


後をひく=pulling at me afterwards=thinking about/dwelling on it it for so long afterwards=gnawing at me


お嬢さま = daughter of rich family. Like Izumi-san in Princess Nine, or Aeka in Tenchi.

義務(ぎむ)vs. 義理(ぎり)

I read a fascinating column in the English-Language version of the Yomiuri Shimbun which explored these two terms. Upon seeing 義務教育 in this chapter, I feel internally obligated to summarize here:

義務(ぎむ) is externally-imposed compulsion, like "you have to go to school through the 9th grade."

義理(ぎり) is internally-felt compulsion, like "I feel I must give you this present as a sign of my gratitude."

Even though dictionaries translate both 義務(ぎむ)and 義理(ぎり)as "duty" or "obligation", they are actually kind of opposites.

Vocabulary/New Kanji

せきplace, seat
かつらJapanese Judas-tree
桂さんかつらーさんKatsura-san, Yumi's classmate
コロコロbelly laugh
Page 12
登校とうこうattendance (at school)
痴漢ちかんgroper, masher, molester, pervert
通学つうがくcommuting to school
大概おおがいin general, mainly
循環じゅんかんcirculation, rotation; beltway train/bus line
利用りようuse, application
同様どうようidentical, same, alike
メチャメチャtotal mess (like メチャクチャ)
具合ぐあいcondition, manner, health
おけるin, at
快適かいてきpleasant, agreeable, comfortable
不適ふてきinadequacy, inappropriate, unfitness
まるでas if, as though, so to speak
りょうcounter for vehicles
幹部かんぶmanagement, staff, leaders
呼びかけよびかけcall, appeal
示し合わせるしめしあわせるto arrange beforehand, to make a sign to each other
固まるかたまるto become stiff, to harden, to become certain
乗車じょうしゃtaking a train; entertaining
日直にっちょくday duty (school chores, not cleaning)
部活ぶかつclub activities
かずnumber, figure
意味いみmeaning, significance
うわさrumor, gossip
以外いがいwith the exception of, excepting
選ぶえらぶto choose, to select
女子じょしwoman, girl
増えるふえるto increase, to multiply
撃退げきたいrepulse, repel
対策たいさくcounter-plan, counter-measure
効果こうかeffect, effectiveness, result
男性だんせいmale, man
締め出すしめだすto shut out, to bar, to lock out
効力こうりょくeffect, efficacy, validity, potency
車内しゃないinside a carriage
進むすすむto make progress, to advance, to improve
進めるすすめるto advance, to promote, to hasten (VT)
乗り込むのりこむto board, to get into (a car)
溢れるあふれるto flood, to overflow
通気つうきventilation, airflow
殿方とのがたgentlemen, men
ましてnot to mention, to say nothing of
不審ふしんincomplete understanding, doubt, suspicion
動きうごきmovement, activity, trend
Page 13
一滴いってきa drop
光沢こうたくbrilliance, polish, lustre, glossy finish
生地きじcloth, material; ones true character; unglazed pottery
使用しようuse, application, utilization
上品じょうひんelegant, refined, polished
結ぶむすぶto tie, to bind, to link
今時いまどきpresent day, today, recently, these days
膝下丈ひざしたたけbelow-the-knee length
ふうmethod, manner, way
革靴かわぐつleather boots
天然記念物てんねんきねんぶつnatural monument
一般いっぱんgeneral, ordinary, average
一般人いっぱんじんan ordinary person
一般的いっぱんてきpopular, typical, general
根強いねづよいfirmly rooted, deep-seated
人目ひとめglimpse, public gaze
ただでさえeven in normal circumstances
必ずかならずcertainly, positively
身だしなみみだしなみhow I look
見立てるみたてるto choose, to select
前髪まえがみforelock (bangs)
仕草しぐさgesture, action
迂闊うかつcarelessness, stupidity
突っ伏すつっぷすto fall prostrate
撫でるなでるto brush gently
優雅ゆうがelegance, grace, refinement
素人しろうとamateur, novice
いちいちone by one, separately, point by point
まあyou might say (female term)
まあねWell, I must admit…
気にしないきにしないthink nothing of, keep smiling
Page 14
慰めなぐさめcomfort, consolation, diversion
慰めるなぐさめるto comfort, to console
ばかしhonest to a fault, naively honest
荒療治あらりょうじdrastic measure or treatment
苗字みょうじsurname, family name
ほとんどmostly, almost
存在そんざいexistence, being
同級生どうきゅうせいclassmates (same grade/year)
同士どうしfellow, companion, comrade
慣例かんれいcustom, precedent, of convention
萎縮いしゅくwithering, atrophy, contraction
仕方しかたway, method
仕方ないしかたないcan't be helped
幹部かんぶupper members, leaders
平気へいきcoolness, calmness, composure
チラリat a glance, by accident
後方こうほうbehind, in the rear, in back
追うおうto chase, to run after
ちょうどjust, right, exactly
照れるてれるto be shy, to feel awkward
照れくさいてれくさいembarrassing, awkward
互いたがいmutual, reciprocal, each other
ちょう(suffix) super-, ultra-
Page 15
ころtime, about, approximately
がっかりfeel disappointed, lose heart
希望きぼうhope, wish, aspiration
囁くささやくto whisper, to murmur
ひそめるto hide, to conceal
通り越すとおりこすto go past, to go beyond
契りちぎりpledge, vow, promise
最新さいしんlatest, newest
確かたしかif I am not mistaken, if I recall correctly
申し込むもうしこむto apply for, to request
ひとつはさんでひとつはさんでon opposite sides
丸めるまるめるto round, to roll, to curl up
言い難いいいがたいhard to say, hesitant to say
光景こうけいscene, spectacle
へんarea, vicinity
本人ほんにんthe person himself
許しゆるしpardon, forgiveness
world, society, age, generation
他人たにんanother person, outsider
Page 16
そもそもin the first place, to begin with
高等こうとうhigh class, high grade
尊重そんちょうrespect, esteem, regard
学校側がっこうがわschool's ways, traditions?
姿勢しせいattitude, posture
によってbecause of
義務教育ぎむきょういくcompulsory education
及びおよびand, as well as
管理かんりcontrol, management
自らみずからfor one's self, personally
委ねるゆだねるto entrust to, to devote oneself to
秩序ちつじょorder, regularity, system, method
導くみちびくto be guided, to be shown
ごとくlike, as, just like
指導しどうleadership, guidance, coaching
方法ほうほうmethod, manner, way, means, technique
採用さいようuse, adopt
以来いらいsince, henceforth
徹底てっていthoroughness, completeness
厳しいきびしsevere, strict, solemn, majestic
校則こうそくschool regulations
清いきよいclean, pure, noble
代々だいだいfor generations, generation after generation
受け継ぐうけつぐto inherit, to succeed, to take over
つぐto succeed (someone in a business or inheritence)
混乱こんらんconfusion, disorder, chaos, mayhem
避けるさけるto avoid, to avert
個人的こじんてきpersonal, individualistic, self-centered
結びつくむすびつくto be connected or related, to join together
指すさすto point, to play, to put up umbrella
授受じゅじゅgive and receive
行いおこないdeed, conduct, behavior, action
約束やくそくarrangement, promise
儀式ぎしきceremony, rite, ritual, service
定かさだかdefinite, sure
鳴らすならすto ring, to sound, to chime, to snort (nose)
興奮こうふんexcitement, stimulation, agitation, arousal
ズレout of focus, you're not getting it
両天秤りょうてんびんtwo alternatives (weighing on a scale)
Page 17
人聞きひとぎきreputation, respectability
捨てるすてるto throw away, to cast aside, to abandon
もったいないtoo good, more than one deserves, wasteful
早いもの勝ちはやいものかちfirst come, first served
きらすto be short of, to be out of
ズバリfrankly, straight, unreservedly
言い切るいいきるto declare, to assert, to state definitively
安泰はんたいpeace, security, tranquility
取り合うとりあうto take each other's hands, to compete, to scramble for (often used in triangle relationships)
双方そうほうtwo way, both parties, mutual, both
朝拝ちょうはいmorning prayer
かねbell, chime
鳴るなるto sound, to ring, to resound, to echo
続くつづくto be continued
校内こうないwithin a school
賛美歌さんびかhymn, hymnal
まずalmost, hardly (neg), anyway
聖歌せいかhymn, chant, sacred song
学園長がくえんちょうprincipal (-長)
静めるしずめるto appease, to suppress, to calm
捧げるささげるto lift up, to give, to offer, to devote
暮らすくらすto live, to get along
平穏へいおんtranquil, calm, restful, peaceful, quiet
外れるはずれるto be disconnected, to get out of place
予感よかんpresentiment, premonition

Story 1, Chapter 3


うん=yep, ええ=yes

うん is informal, shows up in Azumanga Daioh all the time. ええ is formal, and appears here on page 18.


_なものですか is "it's totally the opposite of _".

ご冗談なものですか="I'm totally not joking."

上 中 下

When used for high/middle/low scores on tests, the up/middle/down kanji are pronounced:



There was one sentence on page 66 that was a little... ornate. It used the という (is called) construction three times:


Transliterated, this comes out "The little while ago that is called this morning, it's not like the remnants that is called ancient history. Was Yumi's impression a thing called faint?"

I'm sure the repeated parallel use of という here is some sort of poetic construct.


One's tongue is still wet from the previous statement, and already one is saying something entirely different. What a fast turnaround.

I can't think of an analogous US English idiom.

Vocabulary/New Kanji

Page 18
放課後ほうかごafter school
掃除当番そうじとうばんone's turn for doing the sweeping/cleaning
行き違いいきちがいmisunderstanding, disagreement
早足はやあしquick pace
参るまいるto go, to come, to call; to be defeated; to visit; to be madly in love
結構けっこうsplendid, nice, wonderful; quite, very
離れるはなれるto be separated from, to leave, to go away
持参じさんbringing, taking, carrying
昇降口しょうこうぐちentrance, hatch(way)
便利べんりconvenient, handy, useful
Page 19
聞き返すききかえすto ask in return, to ask again, to listen repeatedly
日誌にっしlog, diary
返すかえすto return something
返るかえるto return, to com back, to go back
ひとみpupil (of eye)
濡れるぬれるto get wet
廊下ろうかcorridor, hallway
並ぶならぶto line up, to stand in line (VI)
並べるならべるto line up, to set up
見送るみおくるto see off, to farewell, to escort
所属しょぞくattached to, belong to
存じるぞんじるto know (humble)
直るなおるto be cured, to heal, to get mended (VI)
向き直るむきなおるto turn around
唐突とうとつabrupt, sudden
Page 20
ほぼalmost, roughly, approximately
手放すてばなすto release, to relinquish
逃すのがすto let loose, to set free, to let escape
せざるをえないcannot avoid doing, is compelled to do, has to do
うでarm; skill
平凡へいぼんcommon, ordinary, mediocre
割増しわりましpremium, bonus, extra wages
三割増し三割増しthirty percent more
_割_わ_ percent (一= 10%, 二=20%, etc)
_割増し_わりまし_ percent more
可愛らしいかわいらしいlovely, sweet
可愛いかわいいpretty, cute, lovely, charming, dear, darling, pet
可愛がるかわいがるto love, to be affectionate
学園祭がくえんさいschool festival
早朝そうちょうearly morning
被写体ひしゃたい(photo) subject, model
もっぱらwholly, solely, entirely
人物じんぶつcharacter, personality, person, man, talented man
細かいこまかいsmall; fine, minute
女子高生じょしこうせいfemale high-school student, high school girls
構えるかまえるto set up
隠し撮りかくしどりpeeping photo, taking pictures secretly
まがいimitation, sham
真似まねmimicry, imitation, behavior, pretense
覗き見のぞきみpeeping tom
覗くのぞくto peep in, to look in, to peek in, to stick out
現役げんえきactive duty, active service
特権とっけんprivilege, special right
生かすいかすto make use of
閉じこむとじこむto (keep on) file
いずれeventually, anyhow, at any rate
年老いるとしおいるto grow old
輝くかがやくto shine, to glitter, to sparkle
保存ほぞんpreservation, conservation, storage, maintenance
与えるあたえるto give, to present, to award
振りぶり(suffix) style, manner
振るふるto wave, to shake, to swing (VT)
振られるふられるto give someone they cold shoulder, to be jilted, to be rejected
握り拳にぎりこぶしclenched fist
振り上げるふりあげるto raise overhead
振り向くふりむくto turn one's face, to turn around
振り返るふりかえるto turn head, to look over one's shoulder, to turn around, to look back
振り絞るふりしぼるto strain one's voice
Page 21
それぞれeach, every, respectively, severally
通すとおすto let pass, to overlook, to continue, to keep, to make way for, to persist in
通るとおるto pass (by), to go through, to walk along, to pass exams
通うかようto go back and forth, to ply between, to attend (school, church), commuting to/from school
ネガnegative (film)
燃やすもやすto burn
発表はっぴょうannouncement, publication
事前じぜんprior, beforehand, in advance
同意どういagreement, consent, same meaning, same opinion, approval
得るえる/うるto get, to gain, to win
きっかりexactly, precisely
びょうsecond (of time)
要するようするto demand, to require, to take
押さえるおさえるto stop, to restrain, to seize, to repress
記憶きおくmemory, recollection, remembrance
すっぽりall together
消し去るけしさるto get rid of, to erase
光景光景scene, spectacle
握るにぎるto grasp, to seize, to mould sushi, to make a fist, to clench
Page 22
落とすおとすto drop, to lose, to let fall; to get
落ちるおちるto fall down, to drop, to fail (e.g. exam), to crash, to degenerate, to degrade
なおstill, yet, more, further (usually written in kana)
尚の事なおのことall the more, still more
見つめるみつめるto stare at, to gaze, at, to look hard at
見つけるみつけるto be familiar, to discover, to find fault, to detect, to find out, to locate
そばnear, close, beside
望遠ぼうえんseeing at a distance
全身ぜんしんthe whole body, full-length (portrait)
雰囲気ふんいきmood, ambience
しつけtraining, home discipline, upbringing, breeding
縋り付くすがりつくto cling to
取り上げるとりあげるto take up, to pick up, to confiscate, to deprive
表情ひょうじょうfacial expression
展示てんじexhibition, display
飾るかざるto decorate, to ornament, to adorn
血迷うちまようto lose one's mind, to lose control of oneself
身長しんちょうheight of body, stature
体重たいじゅうone's body weight
容姿ようしappearance, figure
平均点へいきんてんaverage mark, mean point
平均へいきんequilibrium, balance, average, mean
条件じょうけんconditions, terms
満たすみたすto satisfy, to fulfill
さらすto air, to expose
無謀むぼうreckless, thoughtless
冗談じょうだんjest, joke
確信かくしんconviction, confidence
返上へんじょうgive up, relinquish
現像げんぞうdeveloping (film)
Page 24
同時どうじsimultaneous(ly), concurrent, same time
はらabdomen, belly, stomach
弁当べんとうbox lunch
眠るねむるto sleep
趣味しゅみhobby, tastes, preference
育ち盛りそだちざかりgrowth spurt
越えるこえるto exceed, to cross over, to pass through
うつむくto hang one's head in shame, to look downward
摘むつまむto hold, to pick up
チラチラfluttering, flickering, intermittently
揺らすゆらすto rock, to shake, to swing
密かひそかsecret, private, surreptitious
憧れあこがれyearning, longing, aspiration
ツーショットtwo-shot (photo with two people)
所持しょじpossession, owning
事実じじつfact, truth, reality
修学旅行しゅうがくりょこうschool trip, excursion, field trip
職員室しょくいんしつstaff room, teachers' room
張り出すはりだすto put up a notice, to project, to jut out
学年がくねんyear in school, grade in school
頼むたのむto request, to beg, to ask
運動会うんどうかいathletic meet
背後はいごback, rear
偶然ぐうぜんby chance, unexpectedly, fortuity
写るうつるto be photographed, to be projected
待ちまちwaiting, waiting time
米粒こめつぶgrain of rice
豆粒まめつぶspec (bean)
失礼しつれいdiscourtesy, impoliteness
探偵たんていdetective work
私立探偵しりつたんていprivate detective
以降いこうon and after, hereafter, thereafter
Page 25
キラリeyeglass glare
光るひかるto shine, to glitter, to be bright
以前いぜんago, since, before
我慢がまんpatience, endurance, self-denial
駄目だめuseless, no good, hopeless
得意とくいpride, triumph, forte, one's strong point
得意げとくいげproud, elated
許可きょかpermission, approval
無理むりunreasonable, impossible, overdoing
絶対ぜったいabsolute, unconditional
とんでもないoutrageous, No way!
セラリsimply, easily
親ししたしintimate, close (friend)
途中とちゅうon the way, en route, midway
何事なにごとwhat, something, nothing (w/neg)
注意ちゅういcaution, being careful, attention (heed)
さぞかしI am sure
Page 26
うらやましいenvious, jealous
赤面せきめんred-faced, blush
赤面あかつらred face, kabuki villan, oni face
復活ふっかつrevival, restoration
だらしのないuntidy, sloppy, unkempt
訪れるおとずれるto visit
出会いであいmeeting, rendezvous, encounter
ワンシーンscene (movie)
拾うひろうto pick up, to find, to gather
些細ささいtrivial, slight
出来事できごとincident, affair, happening, event
あわてふためくto get into a panic, to be flustered
礼儀れいぎmanners, courtesy, etiquette
成り下がるなりさがるto be degraded, to come down in the world
かげshade, shadow, other side
接近せっきんgetting closer, drawing near, approaching
つらいpainful, heart-breaking
交渉こうしょうnegotiations, discussions, connection
Page 27
怖いこわいscary, frightening
恐ろしいおそろしいterrible, dreadful
別格べっかくspecial, extraordinary
地位ちいposition, status
殿上人てんじょうびとaristocracy (outdated Heian-esque term)
有利ゆうりadvantageous, better, profitable, lucrative
ほどくto unfasten
実際じつさいpractical, actual condition, status quo
計算けいさんcalculation, reckoning
目にとまるめにとまるto catch one's attention
一心いっしんone mind, wholehearted
わざとon purpose
ゆるめるto loosen, to slow down
大胆だいたんbold, daring, audacious
実行じっこうpractice, performance, execution, realization
末路まつろlast days, end, fate
たどるto follow, to pursue, to follow up
舞台ぶたいstage (theatre)
中央ちゅうおうcenter, middle
主演しゅえんstarring, playing the lead role
朗々ろうろうclear, full-sounding
とくparticularly, especially
潔癖けっぺきfastidiousness, love of cleanliness, Felix Unger
Page 28
精神せいしんmind, soul, spirit, heart, intention
宿やどinn, lodging
やくabout, approximately, some
破るやぶるto tear, to violate, to defeat, to smash
冷ややかひややかcold, chilly, cool, indifferent, cold-hearted
一瞥いちべつa glance, a look
無視むしdisregard, ignore
済まないすまないsorry (phrase)
後日談ごじつだんsequel, later story
すじmuscle, string, line, stripe, plot, plan
限るかぎるto restrict, to limit, to confine
立ち向かうたちむかうto fight against, to oppose, to face
逃げ腰にげごしpreparing to flee, turning to run away
上履きうわばきindoor shoes, slippers
しっかりfirmly, tightly, reliable, steady
方向ほうこうdirection, course, way
むしろrather, better, instead
Page 29
本来ほんらいessentially, naturally, by nature
気高いけだかいsublime, extreme beauty
寛容かんようforbearance, tolerance, generosity
ただしbut, however, provided that
意識いしきconsciousness, senses
美意識びいしきsense of beauty, aesthetic sense
反するはんするto be inconsistent with, to oppose, to contradict, to rebel
関するかんするto concern, to be related
に関するにかんするrelated to, in relation to
断じてだんじてpositively, decidedly
許すゆるすto permit, to allow, to approve
独自どくじoriginal, peculiar, characteristic
ほうlaw, act
突っ走るつっぱしるto run swiftly
たまらないintolerable, unbearable, unendurable
挙手きょしゅraising one's hand, salute
国語こくごnational language
成績せいせきresults, record
腕組うでぐみarm wrestling, folding one's arms
伝えるつたえるto convey, to report, to transmit, to tell
理不尽りふじんunreasonable, irrational
怒るおこるto get angry, to get mad, to be angry
怒りいかりanger, hatred
常につねにalways, constantly
道理どうりreason, truth
安心あんしんrelief, peace of mind
馬が合ううまがあうare compatible, get along well
Page 30
回路かいろcircuit (electric)
さっぱりfeeling refreshed, feeling relieved, neat, trimmed
さっぱりわからないhave no inkling of
根拠こんきょbasis, foundation
かんperception, intuition, the sixth sense
直感ちょっかんintuition, instinct, insight, hunch.
関わるかかわるto concern oneself, to have do to with
快挙かいきょbrilliant achievement
力説りきせつinsistence, emphasis, stress
気づく/気付くきづくto notice, to recognize, to become aware of
気が合うきがあうto get along (with someone)
歩み寄るあゆみよるto step up, to compromise, to meet halfway
つまりin short, in brief, in other words
用事ようじtasks, things to do
押しつけるおしつけるto press, to push, to force
病むやむto fall ill, to be ill
気に病むきにやむto worry
べつdifferent, another, separate, extra
別々べつべつseparately, individually
替えるかえるto exchange, to interchange, to substitute, to replace
丁寧ていねいpolite, courteous, careful, kind
誘うさそうto invite, to call out
ふふん(interjectin) pooh!
演劇えんげきplay (theatrical)
勧誘かんゆうinvitation, solicitation, inducement
堂に入るどうにいるto become an expert, to be a master at
とびらdoor, opening
最後さいごlast, conclusion
殺し文句ころしもんく"killing" words
押し切るおしきるto have one's own way
しょうdeal with
えきwar, campaign, battle
やくrole, use, service, position
引き受けひくうけundertaking, underwriting

Story 1, Chapter 4



If Maria-sama's birthday is in September (Virgo!), her birth stone would be Sapphire.


意地悪 (malicious, mean) is an inelegant word, out of place in a refined setting such as Lillian. They go on an on about how one would surely never use such language.

Note that Yumi thought "マリア様の意地悪" way back in the first chapter, so apparently she has more in common with Sachiko-sama than she realizes.

館 is more like a house for aristocrats of old, a rich person's house. So "Rose Manor" sounds about right for 薔薇の館.

Verb + し = Verb + から

「…祥子さまは多分二階にいらっしゃると思うし」 is "Because I think Sachiko-sama is probably on the second floor.", in a plain/familiar voice. This し here isn't a form of する, but an explanation marker.

Bonus points for noticing in this one sentence that Shimako-san is very polite towards 祥子さま (いらっしゃる), and yet close and friendly with Yumi and Tsutako-san (思うし).

方 (かた/がた)

ー方 as a suffix is a polite form of plural, like ーたち but more polite.

For example, on page 37 Sachiko-sama tells the three Roses that they're being cruel:

「横暴ですわ! お姉さま方の意地悪!」

元 (もと)

元ー as a prefix means former-.

For example, on page 32 Sachiko's family on her mother's side comes from former nobility:


Vocabulary/New Kanji

Page 31
ちなんnamed after
かしevergreen oak
山百合やまゆりgolden-rayed lily
子供心こどもごころchildlike mind, judgement as a child
未だいまだas yet, not yet(neg)
引きずるひきずるto seduce, to drag along, to pull, to prolong, to support
喩えるたとえるto compare, to liken, to use a simile
宝石ほうせきgem, jewel
俗物ぞくぶつvulgar person, worldly-minded person, secular
植物しょくぶつplant, vegetation
動植物どうしょくぶつplants and animals, flora and fauna
同列どうれつsame rank or file, company, attendance
違和感いわかんdisorderly feeling, uneasy
ぼんやりabsentminded, block-headed, dim, faint, vague
比較的ひかくてきcomparitively, relatively
裕福ゆうふくaffluence, propsperity
設計せっけいdesign, (architecture & landscaping)
開くひらくto open (start a business)
一応いちおうonce, tentatively, in outline, for the time being
社長しゃちょうcompany president, manager, director
令嬢れいじょうdaughter, young woman
Page 32
職業しょくぎょうoccupation, business
日常にちじょうordinary, regular, everyday
漏れ聞くもれきくto overhear
中小企業ちゅうしょうきぎょうsmall to medium business
大企業だいきぎょうlarge company
部長ぶちょうhead of a section or department
肩書きかたがきtitle, degree (literally, "shoulder writing")
訪ねるたずねるto visit
そんじょそこらordinary (old-fashioned term)
かくstatus, character, case
百貨ひゃっかall kinds of goods
施設しせつestablishment, facility
幅広いはばひろいwide width
経営けいえいmanagement, administration
実家じっか(one's parents') home
華族かぞくnoble, peer
元華族もとかぞくformer noble, peer
家柄いえがらparentage, pedigree, good family
校舎こうしゃschool building
中庭なかにわcourtyard, middle court
すみcorner, nook
建坪たてつぼfloor space
突き出すつきだすto push out, to project
一旦いったんonce, for a moment, temporarily, one morning
下ろすおろすto take down, to drop, to lower
準備じゅんびpreparation, arrangements
連日れんじつevery day, prolonged
再びふたたびagain, once more, a second time
あくまでstubbornly, persistently, to the end, to the last; in principle, the main idea is
ラッキョらっきょstinky pickled veggies
付き添うつきそうto attend on, to wait upon, to accompany, to chaperone
立場たちばstandpoint, position, situation
いったいwhat on earth?
文句もんくphrase, complaint
じっとfixedly, firmly, patiently, quietly
旨く行くうまくいくto go smoothly, to turn out well
汚名おめいstigma, dishonor, infamy
あわよくばif it goes even better (than うまくいく)
Page 33
引けないひけないcannot retreat, cannot withdraw
普通ふつうgenerally, ordinarily, usually
打ちつけるうちつけるto knock, to run into, to nail on, to strike hard
何てなんてhow! what!
気弱きよわtimid, fainthearted
叩くたたくto strike, to clap, to dust, to beat
かなりconsiderably, fairly, quite
度胸どきょうcourage, bravery, pluck, nerve, grit, guts
急かすせかすto hurry, to urge on
急ぐいそぐto hurry, to rush
切り返すきりかえすto slash or strike back, to counterattack
手の平てのひらpalm of one's hand
あせsweat, perspiration
汗ばむあせばむto be sweaty
陽気ようきseason, weather, cheerfulness
未知みちnot yet known
Page 34
バネばねspring (coil, leaf)
仕掛けしかけdevice, trick, mechanism, gadget
ハネ仕掛けはねじかけJack-in-the-Box, spring mechanism
ホーッほうっsigh of relief
いきbreath, tone
吐くつく/はくto breathe; to tell (lies); to vomit, to disgorge
現れあらわれembodiment, materialization
現れるあらわれるto appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to express oneself
気絶きぜつfaint, swoon
オーバーおおばあover, exceeding, going beyond, exaggeration
取り乱すとりみだすto scatter about, to be distracted
失態しったいmismanagement, fault, error, failure, disgrace, discredit
確実かくじつcertainty, reliability, soundness
よこbeside, side, width
横によこにcrosswise, side-to-side
軽いかるいlight, non-serious, minor
肘鉄ひじてつrebuff (elbow poke)
取り次ぐとりつぐto act as an agent for, to announce (someone), to convey (a message)
気安いきやすいrelaxed, familiar, easy to access, friendly
多分たぶんperhaps, probably
かいcounter for floors
Page 35
巻き毛まきけcurl, ringlet
招くまねくto invite
見とれてるみとれてるto be fascinated by, to be charmed with
色白いろじろfair-skinned, light-complexioned
引き替えひきかえon the contrary, on the other hand
ただmere, sole, only, usual, common
天パー天パーnaturally curly hair (天=natural, パー=short for perm/wave)
癖っ毛/癖毛くせっけ/くせげkinky or curly hair
跳ねるはねるto jump, to leap, to prance, to spring up
放題ほうだい(suffix) as much as you would like to do
かたone part, on one hand
一片いっぺんone edge (counter for geometry edges)
綿菓子わたがしcotton candy
野生動物やせいどうぶつwild animal
分けて/別けてわけてabove all, especially, particularly
どうにかこうにかsomehow or other
つばsaliva, spit
呑み込むのみこむto gulp down, to swallow deeply
飲み込むのみこむto gulp down, to swallow deeply
道連れみちづれfellow traveler
吹き抜けふきぬけa draft, a stairwell
吹き抜けのフロアふきぬけのふろあa floor with an open ceiling
吹くふくto blow (wind, etc); to emit, to spout
ややa little, partially, somewhat, a short time
急勾配きゅうこうばいsteep slope
突き当たりつきあたりend (e.g. of street)
明かりあかりlamplight, light (in general), brightness
羽目はめpanel, wainscoting
下りるおいるto alight, to get off, to descend (e.g. stairs)
夕方ゆうがたevening, late afternoon
日差しひざしsunlight, rays of the sun
階下かいかlower floor, downstairs
伸びるのびるto stretch, to extend, to make progress
Page 36
真上まうえjust above, right overhead
気配けはいindication, market trend, worry
大仕事おおしごとbig job, great task
疲れるつかれるtiredness, fatigue
擦るかするto touch lightly, to take a percentage (from)
擦るこするto rub, to scrub
器用きようskillful, handy
頷くうなずくto nod, to bow one's head in assent
頷いてうなずいてwith a nod
入学にゅうがくentry to school or university
約半年やくはんねんapproximately half a year
居住区きょじゅうくliving quarters
同率どうりつthe same ratio or percentage
一位いちいfirst place, first rank, unit's position
空間くうかんspace, room, airspace
きゅうurgent, sudden, steep
不安ふあんanxiety, uneasiness, insecurity, suspense
部外者ぶがいしゃoutsider, someone outside of a group
瞬くまたたくto wink, to waver, to twinkle
役員やくいんofficer, official, executive, staff
Page 37
もっともmost, extremely
大歓迎だいかんげいwarm welcome
押し寄せるおしよせるto push aside, to advance on
とこbed, sickbed, alcove, padding
抜けるぬけるto come out, to fall out, to be omitted, to be missing, to escape
木造もくぞうwooden, made of wood
せいぜいat the most, at best, to the utmost, as much as possible
少なくともすくなくともat least
先頭せんとうhead, lead, vanguard, first
つんざくto break, to tear, to pierce, to split, to burst
越すこすto go over (with an audience)
そくわないseem in no way compatible, unfit
横暴おうぼうviolence, oppression, high-handedness, tyranny, despotism
みょうstrange, unusual
掴むつかむto seize, to catch, to grasp, to grip, to grab, to hold, to catch hold of, to lay one's hands on
つかまえるto catch, to arrest, to seize
捕まるつかまるto be caught, to be arrested
つかみ所つかみどころhold, grip, point
錚々そうそうeminent, distiguish
鎮座ちんざsitting (emperor, throne, ruling)
Page 38
出席しゅっせきattendance, presence
素直すなおobedient, meek, docile, unaffected
たじろぐto falter, to wince
拗ねるすねるto be peevish, to sulk, to pout
対するたいするto face, to confront, to oppose
微笑びしょうsmile (same kanji as 頬笑み/ほほえみ)
せずにwithout (doing), instead of
連れるつれるcompanion, company
連れて来るつれてくるto bring someone along
仰るおっしゃるto say, to speak, to tell (honorific)
台詞ぜりふspeech, words, one's lines, remarks
とともにtogether with
勢いいきおいforce, vigor, energy, spirit, life, power
弾き出すはじきだすto calculate, to spring out, to force
内側うちがわinside, interior, inner part
不幸ふこうunhappiness, sorrow, accident
事故じこaccident, incident
Page 39
前面ぜんめんfront surface
衝撃しょうげきshock, crash, impact, ballistic
受けるうけるto undertake, to acccept, to take (damage)
次ぐつぐto rank next to, to come after
視界しかいfield of vision
傾ぐかしぐto careen, to lurch
お尻おしりarse, bottom, buttocks
激痛げきつうpain (intense, sharp, violent)
tail, ridge, spur
控えるひかえるto draw in, to hold back
狙うねらうto aim at
直撃ちょくげきdirect hit
何が何だかなにがなんだかwhat's what
ぶつけるto knock, to run into, to nail on, to strike hard
妙なたえなunexpected, strange
圧迫感あっぱくかんfeeling of oppression
覆いおおいmantle, cover, shroud
仰向けあおむけface up
倒れるたおれるto collapse, to break down, to fall
辺りあたり/ほとりneighborhood, vicinity, nearby
判別はんべつdistinction, discrimination
Page 40
呟くつぶやくto mutter, to murmur
判断はんだんdecision, conclusion, decipherment
起こすおこすto raise, to cause, to wake someone
サラサラさらさらrustling, murmuring, fluently
ねじれるto twist, to wrench, to screw
揺れるゆれるto shake, to sway
戻るもどるto turn back, to return
派手はでshowy, loud, gay, flashy, gaudy
押しつぶすおしつぶすto squash, to crush, to flatten
悲惨ひさんtragedy, disaster, misery, wretched, pitiful
被害者ひがいしゃvictim, injured party, sufferer
香りかおりaroma, fragrance, scent, smell
伴うともなうto accompany, to bring with, to be accompanied
騒ぎさわぎuproar, disturbance
ゾロゾロぞろぞろin groups, in succession
総会そうかいgeneral meeting
勢揃いせいぞろいarray, muster, line-up, full force
至るいたるto come, to return
やっとat last, at length
把握はあくgrasp, catch, understand
あわてるto become confused
あわててin hot haste, in confusion
抱き起こすだきおこすto lift (a person) in one's arms, to help (a person) sit up
人波ひとなみsurging crowd, wave of humanity, stampede
分けるわけるto divide, to separate
支倉令さまはせくられいさまHasekura Rei-sama
さすがclever, adept, good, as one would expect
武道ぶどうmartial arts, Bushido
むすめdaughter (humble)
受け身うけみpassive, passive voice
失敗しっぱいfailure, mistake, blunder
のうbrain, memory
しんとうimpact, concussion
Page 41
男装だんそうdisguising oneself as a man
麗人れいじんbeautiful woman, beauty, belle
希少価値きしょうかちrare, very precious
似るにるto resemble, to be similar
はかまhakama (Japanese-style pants, think Samurai drama)
着こなすきこなすto wear clothes stylishly, to dress oneself stylishly
大事おおごとimportant, valuable, serious matter
覗き込むのぞきこむto look into, to peer in
至近距離しきんきょりpoint blank range
汚れるよごれるto get dirty, to become dirty (things)
汚れるけがれるto get dirty, to become dirty (people, souls, spirits)
空気くうきair, atmosphere
耐えるたえるto bear, to withstand
きれず???to cut it, to handle it, negated???
ピョンピョンぴょんぴょんhopping, skipping
跳ねるはねるto jump, to leap, to spring up
加減かげんaddition and subtraction, allowance for, degree, measure
ピエロぴえろclown (fr: pierrot)
抱きしめるだきしめるto hug someone close, to hold someone tight
さっきsome time ago
胸の膨らみむねのふくらみswell of someone's breasts
構造上こうぞうじょう?structure, construction
体型たいけいfigure (body)
個人差こじんさindividual differences
表に出???let out, reveal
豊かゆたかabundant, wealthy, plentiful, rich
抱擁ほうようembrace, hug, holding in one's arms
Page 42
抱きつくだきつくto cling to
外すはずすto unfasten, to remove
自爆じばくself-destruction, suicide bomb
代わりかわりsubstitute, deputy, proxy
ぶつかるto strike, to collide with
巻き込むまきこむto roll up, to involve, to enfold
小声こごえlow voice, whisper
内緒ないしょsecret, privacy
内緒話ないしょばなしsecret talk
殺すころすto kill
密着みっちゃくglued to
離すはなすto part, to divide, to separate
進み出るすすみでるto step forward, to volunteer
Page 43
言う通りにしなさいいうとおりにしなさいDo as I say
強引ごういんoverbearing, coercive, pushy, high-handed
豪華ごうかwonderful, gorgeous, splendor, pomp
連れて行くつれていくto take someone (of lower status) along
報告ほうこくreport, information
気味きみsensation, feeling
打って変わるうってかわるto change suddenly
転がすころがすto roll (VT)
転がるころがるto roll, to tumble (VI)
余裕よゆうsurplus, composure, margin, room
貫禄かんろくpresence, dignity
口ごもるくちごもるto hesitate to say, to mumble, to hem and haw
告げるつげるto inform
今更いまさらnow, at this late hour
回転かいてんrotation, revolution, turning
Page 44
福沢諭吉ふくざわゆきちthe guy whose face is on the 10,000-yen bill
はなflower, petal
華やかはなやかgay, showy, brilliant, gorgeous, florid
値踏みねぶみappraisal, estimation, evaluation, setting prices
どうなさってwhat about it/her?
取り囲むとりかこむframing, surrounding
へびsnake, serpent
睨むにらむto glare at, to keep an eye on
状態じょうたいcondition, situation, circumstances, state
多少たしょうmore or less, somewhat, a little
親しみしたしみintimacy, affection, familiarity
勘弁かんべんpardon, forgiveness, forbearance
とはいえadmitting that, granted
とげthorn, splinter, spine, biting words
クラクラくらくらdizziness, giddiness
すっかりall, completely, thoroughly
怯えるおびえるto become frightened, to have a nightmare
Page 45
いきなりabrubtly, suddenly, all of a sudden
呼び捨てるよびすてるto use a name without an honorific
突っ込みつっこみpenetration, straight man (in comedy)
定番ていばんstandard (goods), product with consistent rules
ごくquite, very
ごくごくextremely, highly
親子関係おやこかんけいparent-child relationship
人間関係にんげんかんけいhuman relations
生意気なまいきimpertinent, saucy, cheeky, brazen
付き合うつきあうto associate with, to keep company with
役に立つやくにたつto be helpful, to be useful
不快ふかいunpleasant, displeasure, discomfort
傾げるかたげるto lean
全くまったくabsolutely; I don't believe it!
顔立ちかおだちlooks, features
アップあっぷclose-up (e.g. photo)
注目ちゅうもくnotice, attention, observation
Page 46
気にするきいするto care about, to worry about
理解りかいunderstanding, comprehension
眺めるながめるto view at, to gaze at
勝手かってkitchen, one's own convenience, one's way, selfishness
勝手にかってにby itself, to oneself
話しかけるはなしかけるto accost someone, to talk to someone
庇うかばうto protect someone, to take under one's wing, to plead for, to stick up for, to cover up for someone
所有物しょゆうぶつproperty, posession
片眉を上げるかたまゆをあげれcock an eyebrow
揚げ足あげあしfind fault
こめかみtemple (of the forehead) (literally, "biting rice")
引きつるひきつるto have a cramp, convulsion, twitch
斜めななめobliqueness, slanting
冷静れいせいcalm, composure, coolness, serenity
ぴりぴりtingle, sting, smart, hot, burning the tongue, becoming tense
果たすはたすto accomplish, to fulfill, to carry out, to achieve
抱くだくto embrace, to hug, to harbour, to entertain, to sleep with
ひけらかすto flaunt, to show off, to make a display of
Page 47
内容ないようsubject, contents, matter, substance, detail, import
助けるたすけるto help, to save, to rescue, to give relief to, to spare (life), to reinforce, to promote, to abet
助かるたすかるto be saved, to be rescued, to survive, to be helpful
事態じたいsituation, present state of affairs, circumstances
求めるもとめるto seek, to request, to demand, to want, to wish for
直前ちょくぜんjust before
叫くわめくto shout, to clamour
叫ぶさけぶto shout, to cry
捨て台詞すてぜりふsharp parting remark
探るさぐるto search for, to look for, to sound out
勝ち誇るかちほこるto triumph, to be elated with success
流暢りゅうちょうfluent (language skill), flowing
度肝どぎもstun, shock
抜くぬくto extract, to omit, to surpass, to draw out, to unplug
発するはっするto fire (a gun), to emit, to give forth
宣言せんげんdeclaration, proclamation, announcement

Conjunction Junction

I continue to miss the nuances of all the different words that help glue multiple sentences together smoothly. Here's a short list for review.

しかしhowever, but
すでにalready, too late
するとthereupon, hereupon, if a then b
そういえばcome to think of it
それからand then, after that
それではin that situation, well then
それでもbut (still), and yet, nevertheless, even so, notwithstanding
それともor, or else
それにbesides, moreover
それにしてもat any rate, but then, switching gears
それよりinstead, other than that
ただmere, sole, only, usual, common
たまにoccasionally, once in a while
もしかしてperhaps, possibly

The Dukes of はず

And I continue to confuse some really basic stuff that sensei patiently taught me years ago.

はずit should be so
わけmeaning, reason, circumstances, can be deduced, situation
さすがadept, good, expectations, as one would expect


Just jotting a few notes to hold consistent throughout the translation.

If a sentence ends with a quoted phrase, place the period inside the closing quote: Also known as "Rosa Chinensis en bouton."

薔薇さまRosanot rosas, not roses
_薔薇さまRosa _not Rosa _-sama
黄薔薇はYellow Roseswhen speaking of an entire rose house, use Yellow/White/Red Roses, not Chinensis house or
薔薇のつぼみen boutonnot en Bouton
薔薇の館Rose Manornot Rose Mansion, rose manor, Rose manor
boutonswhen plural, do remember the s
petite soeurnot petit soeur, soeur is a feminine noun, so it's petite, not petit
山百合会幹部Yamayurikainot Yamayurikai leaders
一年first-yearnot first year, freshmen
三年third-yearnot third year, senior
ーーnot ——. Use a single em-dash
王子princenot Prince
女学園高等部Girls' High Schoolnot Academy, not Academy for Women, High School Division
桃組Momo classnot Peach class
松組Matsu classnot Pine class
桜組Sakura classnot Cherry class
シスターnunnot Sister
姉BSister Bnot sister B

Retain all honorifics. They're important, and surely even the beginning Maria-sama fan will pick up on a difference between Yumi-san and Yumi-chan, even if they can't quite say why. Except for Rosa _, which for some reason feels redundant.

Use double quotes for actual spoken words and quoted titles like "Stations of the Cross." Use single quotes for other things.

Do something about double-em-dashes and double-ellipses. They don't really transliterate.


Eh toka Ah toka He toka. Do I really want to translate those as "What" and "Wha?" and "Huh?" Is Yumi really that um, uh, well, uh, slow of speech? Yeah, I guess so.

I'm really tempted to take a pass and change all that "wha?" nonsense into phonetic transliteration. I'm assuming all readers here have already fallen in love with the Lililicious anime fansubs, so they already have Yumi's voice running through their head as they read.

Story 1, Chapter 5



Yet another contraction. Page 54 解散したけりゃ=解散したければ=if you want to break up (the meeting)


Page 56 確保しなくちゃ=確保しなければならない=must ensure/should ensure

藁しべ長者/Shirabe Chouja

There's an old folktale about a man who parlays a piece of straw into a fortune. I've never read it myself, but it goes something like this: he ties the straw to a fly and uses that to catch something bigger, which he then uses to get something bigger, and so on, up through various farm animals, until he's a rich old man. Certainly a more participatory form of fortune-building than the Rumpelstiltzken story, where somebody else does all the work for the straw/gold conversion.

I guess I'll stick with calling Yumi "Straw", since it's a reasonable transliteration, but calling Sachiko-sama "Rumpelstiltzken" instead of 藁しべ長者 or 長者 doesn't quite fit her role.

One guy on the internet is actually living out the 藁しべ長者 story at He started with one red paperclip, and has slowly traded his way up to various things.


Page 70 has generation after generation of Rosas growing strong: 代々の薔薇さま方はお強くなっていかれる


Page 73 has Rosa Gigantea noticing that Yumi appears to want to say something: この子何か言いたげ.


Mochi from a shelf. A top from a gourd.

You're so lazy that you won't even reach up to the shelf to get the mochi. Instead, you sit there with an open mouth, waiting for the mochi to just fall into your mouth. Connotations of being lazy, lucky, and having a stroke of great fortune after no work on your part.

A top from a gourd has a similar meaning.

I wish I could think of an analogous phrase in English. Pennies from Heaven? Right spot at the right time?


遠慮 is used in polite declination of invitations.




しちゃう is teen girl talk

Page 83 has Yumi wondering if it's okay to answer: 返事しちゃっていいんですか!?

Page 196 has Tsutako-san wondering what in the world is going on with Sachiko-sama: 祥子さま、いったいどうしちゃったんだろう


A sentence ending, similar to よね, confirming or "right?" Page 86 has us confirming that's Tsutako-san for you: 武嶋蔦子さんでしたっけ。

湯気ゆげsteam vapor
液体えきたいliquid, fluid
七分目しちふんめ70%, 7/10ths
分目ふんめ-tenths (used as a suffix)
注ぐそそぐto pour, to irrigate, to pay, to fill, to feed (a fire)
置くおくto put, to place
Page 48
下げ髪さげがみpigtail, ponytail, hair (hanging down the back)
かごbasket, cage
じょう(suffix) shape
断ることわるto refuse, to inform, to ask leave, to decline, to dismiss
ぼんやりabsent-minded, blockhead, dim, faint, vague
ほかother (sometimes read た when part of a compound, 他人、他社,他校)
他ならぬほかなるぬnothing but, no other than
自身じしんby oneself, personally
周囲しゅういsurroundings, circumference, environs
乗り遅れるのりおくれるto miss (train, bus, etc)
済むすむto finish, to end, to be completed
落ち着くおちつくto settle down, to be steady, to harmonize with
着くつくto arrive at, to reach
一同いちどうall present, all concerned, all of us
掲げるかかげるto publish, to print, to carry (an article); to put up, to hang out
移動いどうremoval, migration, movement
仮初めかりそめtemporariness, transience, trifle, negligence
置き去りおきざりdesertion, leaving behind or in the lurch
いからせるto anger someone, to offend someone, to square one's shoulders
真っ先まっさきthe head, the foremost, beginning
態勢たいせいattitude, preparations, conditions
戦闘態勢せんとうたいせいprepared for batttle
表現ひょうげんexpression, phrase
適当てきとうfitness, suitability, adequacy, relevance
位置いちplace, situation, position, location
しかるべきproper, appropriate, due
組み合うぐみあうto form a partnership or association, to join together, to grapple with
置いてきぼりおいてきぼりleft behind
しようがないit can't be helped
Page 49
不手際ふてぎわclumsiness, awkwardness, ineptitude
着席ちゃくせきsit down, seat
配るくばるto distribue, to deliver
少々しょうしょうjust a minute, small quantity
板張りいたばりboarding, wooden floor
除くのぞくto remove, to exclude, to except
一つずつひとつずつone at a time, one by one
木枠???wooden frame
出窓でまどbay window
掛けるかけるto wear, to put on, to hang, to begin to, to cover
配置はいちarrangement, disposition
洋館ようかんWestern-style house
おもむきmeaning, tenor, gist; effect, influence, appearance, aspect; taste, grace, charm, refinement
壁際かべぎわedge, brink, side
流し台ながしだいsink, washstand
寄せるよせるto collect, to gather, to add, to put aside
コポコポこぽこぽ??? electric hotpot pouring sound?
(suffix) drawing, figure, picture, illustration
想像そうぞうimagination, guess
優遇ゆうぐうfavorable treatment, hospitality, warm reception
努力どりょくgreat effort, exertion, endeavor
Page 50
となりnext to, next door to, neighbor
足すたすto add (numbers/math), to do (one's business)
断っておくことわっておくLet me explain first/don't misunderstand/don't jump to conclusions yet
予算よさんestimate, budget
茶代ちゃだいa tip
計上けいじょうappropriation, summing up
たまたまcasually, unexpectedly, accidentally, by chance
裾分けすそわけsharing (a gift)
今ひとついまひとつnot good
今いちいまいちnot good (slang)
ニッコリにっこりsmiling sweetly, smile, grin
仲間ちゅうげんcompany, fellow, colleague, associate, comrade, mate, group, circle of friends, partner
油断ゆだんnegligence, unpreparedness
本題ほんだいmain question
みんなall, everyone, everybody
ただ者ただものordinary person
さり気ないさりげないunconcerned, in a casual manner
肝心かんじんessential, fundamental, crucial, vital, main
発言はつげんutterance, speech, proposal
爆弾発言ばくだんはつげんbombshell announcement
突き合わせるつきあわせるto place persons opposite, to come face to face, to compare
正直しょうじきhonesty, integrity, frankness
追突ついとつrear-end collision
覚えおぼえmemory, sense, experience
それどころかon the contrary
裁判さいばんtrial, judgement
国会こっかいNational Diet, parliament, congress
証人喚問しょうにんかんもんsummoning witness
主張しゅちょうclaim, request, insistence, assertion, opinion
認めみとめapproval, seal (of approval)
認めるみとめるto appreciate, to approve, to admit, to notice
意見いけんopinion, view
Page 51
主役しゅやくleading part, leading actor/actress
白黒しろくろblack and white
クスクスくすくすto giggle
からかうto ridicule, to tease, to banter with, to make fun of
設定せっていestablishment, creation
もしかしperhaps, possibly
すんなりpass with no objections, slim, slender
納得なっとくconsent, assent, understanding, agreement, comprehension, grasp; be persuaded, be convinced
ギリギリぎりぎりclose shave, rasping,
怯むひるむto falter
Page 52
歴々れきれきnotables, dignitaries, illustrious families
見抜くみぬくto see through
窮地きゅうちdilemma, predicament
追い込むおいこむdrive in, plunge, thrust upon
察するさっするto guess, to sense, to presume, to judge, to sympathize
味方みかたfriend, ally, supporter
かたきenemy, rival
戦うたたかうto fight, to battle, to combat
戦いたたかいbattle, fight, struggle
兵法へいほうart of war, strategy, tactics
孫子まごこchildren and grandchildren, posterity, descendants
ぜひともby all means
強気つよきfirm, strong
崩すくずすto destroy, to pull down, to make change (money)
黙るだまるto be silent
ピシャリぴしゃりslapping, splashing, banging shut, flat (refusal, denial)
容赦ようしゃpardon, forgiveness, mercy
命令めいれいorder, command, decree, directive
Page 53
課すかすto impose
逃げ出すにげだすto run away, to escape from
通りすがりとおりすがりon the way, passing, that happen to pass by
見知りみしりrecognition, acquaintance
光栄こうえいhonor, glory, privilege
ともかくanyhow, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case
目立つめだつto be conspicuous, to stand out
恐れ入るおそれいるto be filled with awe, to feel small, to be amazed, to be surprised, to be sorry, to be grateful
片づけるかたつけるto have sussed, to tidy
同席どうせきsit with, be with
一言ひとこと/いちげんsingle word
Page 54
繋がるつながるto be tied together, to be connected to, to be related to
立ち上かるたちあがるto stand up
解散かいさんbreakup, dissolution
かいつまむto sum up, to summarize
請け負ううけおうto contract, to undertake
拒否きょひdenial, veto, rejection, refusal
膨れるふくれるto get cross, to get sulky, to swell (out), to expand, to be inflated, to distend, to bulge
構うかまうto mind, to care about, to be concerned about
仮にかりにtemporarily, provisionally, for example, for argument's sake
不十分ふじゅうぶんinsufficient, inadequate, imperfect, shortage
十分じっぷんten minutes
Page 55
不足ふそくinsufficiency, shortange, deficiency, lack, dearth
贅沢ぜいたくluxury, extravagance
かん(suffix) look, appearance, spectacle
実行委員じっこういいんaction committee, executive committee
兼ねるかねるto hold (position), to serve, to be unable, to be beyond one's ability, to combine, to use with
多忙たぼうbusy, pressure of work
当然とうぜんnaturally, as a matter of course
中心ちゅうしんcenter, core, heart, pivot
演じるえんじるto perform (a play), to play (a part), to act (a part), to commit (a blunder)
借りるかりるto borrow, to have a loan, to hire, to rent, to buy on credit
段取りだんどりprogram, plans, arrangements
付け加えるつけくわえるto add (something)
上演じょうえんperformance (music)
乗り出すのりだすto set out, to set sail, to embark on, to begin to ride; to lean forward
騒ぐさわぐto make noise, to clamor, to be excited
舞踏会ぶとうかいball, dance
Page 56
二色にしょくtwo colors
華麗かれいsplendor, magnificence
競演きょうえんrecital contest
確保かくほguarantee, ensure, maintain, insure, secure
整理券せいりけんnumbered ticket
子細しさいreasons, circumstances, significance, hindrance, obstruction, interference
降るふるto fall, to descend
降りるおりるto get off (a bus, train), to descend (mountain)
不服ふふくdissatisfaction, discontent, disapproval, objection, complaint, protest, disagreement
恒例こうれいestablished practice, custom
おかhill, height, knoll, rising ground
隣同士となりどうじsister school, neighboring school
手伝いてつだいhelp, helper, assistant
行うおこなうto perform, to carry out, to do, to conduct oneself,
田舎いなかrural, not particularly urban, countryside, suburb
葬式そうしきfuneral service ritual
火事かじfire, conflagration
引っ越すひっこすto move (dwelling, office), to change residence
駆け付けるかけつけるto run to, to come running, to rush (someplace), to hasten
山梨やまなしけんprefecture in the Chuubu area
期末きまつend of term
弔問ちょうもんcondolence call
受付うけつけreceipt, acceptance, reception (desk), information desk
身近みぢかnear oneself, close to one, familiar
Page 57
ボソリぼそりdwindle, tapering off (away)
大道具おおどうぐstage setting, scenery
仮装かそうdiguise, masquerade, fancy dress
裏方うらかたscene shifter
力仕事ちからしごとphysical work
審査員しんさいんexaminer, judge
彼らかれらthey (them guyses)
苦味くみbitterness, bitter taste
当日とうじつappointed day, very day
配役はいやくcast (of a play)
論戦ろんせんverbal dispute
対決たいけつconfrontation, showdown
最初さいしょbeginning, outset, first, onset
うそlie, falsehood, incorrect fact, inappropriate
するとthereupon, hereupon, if a then b
代役だいやくimportant mission, heavy role, substitute actor, stand-in, double
蒸気じょうきsteam, vapor
挙げるあげるto raise, to fly, to give
Page 58
衣装いしょうclothing, costume, outfit, garment
発注はっちゅうordering (materials), placing an order
手芸部しゅげいぶsewing club, craft club
形勢けいせいcondition, situation, prospects
不利ふりdisadvantage, handicap, unfavorable, drawback
歯ぎしりはぎしりinvoluntary nocturnal tooth grinding
寝ぼけるねぼけるto be half asleep, to be still only half awake, dreaming
話し合うはなしあうto discuss, to talk together
だとif that's the case
自業自得じごうじとくpaying for one's mistakes, getting one's just desserts, suffering the consequences (of one's own actions), reap what you sow
打ち合ううちあうto fight, to exchange blows, to rally
打ち合わせうちあわせbusiness meeting, previous arrangement, appointment
逃げ回るにげまわるto run from place to palce
目にあうめにあうto go through, to suffer
総合そうごうsynthesis, coordination, putting together, integration, composite
命じるめいじるto order, to command, to appoint
舞台劇ぶたいげきstage play
故意こいintention, purpose, bad faith
伝達でんたつtransmission (e.g. news), communication, delivery
伝わるつたわるto be handed down, to be introduced, to be transmitted, to be circulated, to go along, to walk along
烈火れっかraging fire
降板こうばんleave the mound (baseball), knocked out
ピッタリぴったりexactly, neatly, sharp
はまるto get into, to go into, to fit, to be fit for, to suit, to fall into, to plunge into, to be deceived, to be taken in, to fall into a trap, to be addicted to, to be deep into
決まって.without fail
恐怖症きょうふしょうmorbid fear
自認じにんadmission, (self-)acknowledgement
Page 59
苦手にがてpoor (at), weak (in), dislike (of)
何やらなにやらsomething, for some reason
細めるほそめるto make narrow
百面相ひゃくめんそうlife's many phases; make funny faces
遅いおそいlate, slow
取り消すとりけすto cancel
追い打ちおいうちfinal blow, attacking while pursuing, attacking the routed enemy
大波おおなみbillow, surge
全体ぜんたいwhole, entirely, whatever (is the matter)
襲うおそうto attack
意外いがいunexpected, surprising
中々なかなかvery, considerably, easily, readily, by no means, fairly, quite
誉めるほめるto praise, to admire, to speak well
示すしめすto denote, to show, to point out, to indicate
交代こうたいalternation, change, relief, relay, shift
Page 60
苦笑くしょうwry smile, bitter smile
苦笑いにがわらいwry smile, bitter smile
詰めるつめるto pack, to shorten, to work out (details)
持ち上がるもちあがるto lift, to happen, to occur, to come up, to turn up
問題点もんだいてんthe point at issue
纏めるまとめるto put in order, to collect, to bring to a conclusion
遅れるおくれるto be late, to be delayed, to fall behind schedule
若干じゃっかんsome, few, number of
解説かいせつexplanation, commentary
通常つうじょうcommon, general, normal, usual
正式せいしきdue form, officially, formality
~のみ(suffix) only (like だけ)
副会長ふくかいちょうvice president
書記しょきclerk, secretary
会計かいけいaccount, finance, accountant, treasurer, paymaster, reckoning, bill
役職やくしょくpost, managerial position, official position
比重ひじゅうspecific gravity; percentage
受け持ちうけもちcharge (of something), matter in one's charge
運営うんえいmanagement, administration, operation
準えるなぞらえるto pattern after, to liken to, to imitate
委員いいんcommittee member
新入生しんにゅうせいfreshman, first-year student
歓迎会かんげいかいwelcoming party
送別会そうべつかいfarewell party
行事ぎょうじevent, function
主催しゅさいorganization, sponsorship
含めるふくめるto include, to instruct, to make one understand, to put in one's mouth
含むふくむto hold in the mouth, to bear in mind, to understand, to cherish, to harbor, to contain, to comprise, to have, to hold, to include, to embrace, to be charged or loaded with, to be dripping with, to be full of, to be suffused with
りょうquantity, amount, volume, portion (of food)
こなすto break into pieces, to digest, to handle easily
見習うみならうto follow another's example
番狂わせばんくるわせunexpected result, upset, surprise
限りかぎりlimit(s), as far as possible, as much as possible, to the best of one's ability
限るかぎるto restrict, to limit, to confine
大抵たいていusually, generally
次代じだいthe next era
称号しょうごうtitle, name, degree
咲くさくto bloom
Page 61
議題ぎだいtopic of discussion, agenda
大半たいはんmajority, mostly, generally
決定けっていdecision, determination
ごねたobjected, grumpy
突っつく???to argue a point
爆発ばくはつexplosion, detonation, eruption
外面がいめん/そとづらexterior, surface, outward appearance
内面うちづらface one presents at home
気性きしょうdisposition, temperament
手が付けられないてがつけられないdeep; unmanageable children
淡々たんたんdisinterested, plain, light
代物しろものthing, article, goods, fellow, affair
めり込むめりこむto sink into, to cave into
発言権はつげんけんright to speak
仰っしゃるおっしゃるto say, to speak, to tell, to talk (PL4, honorific/尊敬語)
短絡たんらくelectric short-circuit; draw a hasty inference between two events
たらりa drop (e.g. of sweat)
Page 62
交換こうかんexchange, interchange, reciprocity, barter, substitution, clearing (of checks)
つなぎa stopgap measure, a filler
品位ひんいgrace, dignity, grade, nobility, quality
呆れるあきれるto be amazed, to be shocked
見据えるみすえるto gaze at, to make sure of
反論はんろんobjection, refutation, rebuttal
面倒めんどうtrouble, difficulty, care, attention
教育きょういくtraining, education
立派りっぱsplendid, fine, handsome, elegant, imposing, prominent, legal, legitimate
成り行きなりいきoutcome, development, course of events, progress, result
大風呂敷おおぶろしきbig talk, boast, bluster
いずれwhere, which, who, anyway, anyhow, at any rate
撤回てっかいwithdrawal, revocation, repeal
大恥???big embarassment
思いつきおもいつきplan, idea, suggestion
散るさるto fall, to scatter
Page 63
突くつつくto thrust, to strike, to attack, to poke, to nudge, to pick at
片意地かたいじstubbornness, obstinancy
潔くいさぎよくbravely, manfully
解決かいけつsettlement, solution, resolution
衝動しょうどうimpulse, urge
衝動買いしょうどうがいimpulsive buying
出任せでまかせrandom speech
消えるきえるto go out, to vanish, to disappear
唯一ゆいつonly, sole, unique
Page 64
動かすうごかすto move, to shift, to set in motion, to operate, to inspire, to rouse, to influence, to mobilize, to deny, to change (VT)
動くうごくto move, to stire, to shift, to shake to swing, to operate, to run, to go, to work, to be touched, to be influenced, to waver, to fluctuate, to vary, to change, to be transferred (VI)
失念しつれんforgetting, lapse of memory, oblivion
雑務ざつむroutine tasks or duties
使用しようuse, application, employment, utilization
巡るめぐるto go around
不都合ふつごうinconvenience, inexpedience, trouble, harm, impropriety, wrongdoing
都合つごうcircumstances, condition, convenience
思い込むおもいこむto be under the impression that, to be convinced that, to imagine that, to set one's heart on, to be bent on
衝突事故しょうとつじこcollision accident
次々つぎつぎin succession, one by one
重なるかさなるto be piled up, lie on top of one another, overlap each other
直接ちょくせつdirect, immediate, personal, firsthand
消え入るきえいるto vanish
言い分いいぶんone's say, one's point, complaint, excuse
Page 65
証拠しょうこevidence, proof
割るわるto divide, to cut, to break, to halve, to separate, to split, to rip, to crack to smash, to dilute
手渡すてわたすto hand over, to surrender
見渡すみわたすto look out over, to survey (a scene), to take an extensive view of
渡すわたすto pass over, to hand over
決着けっちゃくconclusion, decision, end, settlement
まぜこぜjumble, mix up
知り合うしりあうto get to know (someone), to make acquaintance
手もとてもと(money) on hand or at home, one's purse, usual skill
反応はんのうreaction, response
横目よこめside glance
窺ううかがうto see the situation
眉間みけんbrow, middle forehead
Page 66
過去かたthe past, bygone days, the previous
かかわるto concern oneself in, to have to do with, to affect, to influence, to stick to (opinions)
うすいthin, weak, water, diluted
とどめるto stop, to cease, to put an end to
価値かちvalue, worth, merit
ガッカリがっかりfeel disappointed, be dejected, lose heart, feel emotionally drained, feel let down
ならばif, in case
丸っきりまるっきりcompletely, perfectly, just as if
踏まえるふまえるto be based on, to have origin in
初対面しょたいめんfirst meeting, first interview with
筋違いすじちがいcramp, sprain, illogical, intersection
ご覧ごらんlook, inspection, try
おっとuh-oh, oops
小道具こどうぐprops, gadgets
攻めるせめるto attack, to assault
作戦さくせんmilitary or naval operations, tactics, strategy
舌根ぜっこんroot of the tongue
乾かすかわかすto dry (clothes), to dessicate
乾くかわくto get dry (VI)
乾燥機かんそうきdrying machine, dryer, dessicator
並みなみaverage, medium, common, ordinary
Page 67
真実しんじつtruth, reality
手段しゅだんmeans, way, measure
思いつきおもいつきplan, idea, suggestion
積極的せっきょくてきpositive, active, proactive
異議いぎobjection, dissent, protest
唱えるとなえるto recite, to chant, to call upon
称えるとなえるto assume the name of
引き裂くひきさくto tear up, to tear off, to split
権利けんりright, privilege
試しためしtrial, test
やがてbefore long, soon, at length
周辺しゅうへんcircumference, outskirts, environs, (computer) peripheral
魔法まほうmagic, witchcraft, sorcery
Page 68
ひっくりto turn over, to overturn, to knock over, to upset, to turn inside out
迫力はくりょくforce, intensity, appeal, strength
とけるto dissolve
今後こんごfrom now on, hereafter
自由じゆうfreedom, liberty, as it pleases you
重大じゅうだいserious, important, grave, weighty
じんましんhives, nettle, rash
吐き気はきけnausea, sickness in the stomach
もよおすto hold (a meeting), to give (a dinner), to feel, to show signs of, to develop symptoms of, to feel (sick)
我がままわがままselfishness, egoism, wilfulness, disobedience, whim
次期じきnext term, next period
Page 70
わざとon purpose
ため息ためいきa sigh
基本きほんfoundation, basis, standard
お気の毒おきのどくpitiful, a pity
言い返すいいかえすto repeat, to talk balk, to answer back
いかれるto get angry, to freak out, to go bananas
すさまじいterrific, fierce, terrible, tremendous, dreadful, awful, amazing, absurd
楽屋がくやdressing room, green room, backstage
うらreverse side, wrong side, back, undersurfacce, inside, palm, sole, opposite, rear, lining, last half (of an inning)
すっくとstraight, upright, erect
打ちのめすうちのめすto knock down, to beat (someone) up
見上げるみあげるto look up at, to raise one's eyes, to admire
確認かくにんaffirmation, confirmation
材料ざいりょうingredients, material
言い張るいいはるto insist, to assert, to be obstinate in saying
Page 71
前言ぜんげんprevious remarks
撃つうつto attack, to defeat, to destroy
芝居しばいplay, drama
もくろみa plan, a scheme, goal
予想よそうexpectation, anticipation, prediction
マジマジまじまじto take a long hard look at something
侮辱ぶじょくinsult, comtempt, slight
ぐっとfirmly, fast, much, more
こらえるto bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with, to support, to withstand, to resist, to brave, to be fit for, to be equal to
Page 72
えんchance, fate, destiny, relation, bonds, connection, karma
ふち(surrounding) edge
大げさおおげさgrandiose, exaggerated
ならなくてはならないit has to be.
玄関げんかんentranceway, entry hall
校門こうもんschool gate
くぐるto drive, to pass through; to evade, to hide; to dive (into or under water), to go underground
きっかけchance, start, cue, excuse, motive, impetus, occasion
現在げんざいpresent, up to now, nowadays, modern times, current
冷める冷めるto become cool, to wear off, to abate, to subside, to dampen, to cool down, to come down (fever)
Page 73
どうしたWhat's the matter? What's wrong?
不満ふまんdissatisfaction, displeasure, discontent, complaints, unhappiness
二人きりふたりきりleave these two alone
割り込むわりこむbarge in(to), break in, butt in(to), cut in, horn in(to), interrupt
オロオロおろおろnervous, flustered, in a dither, all shook up
正気しょうきtrue character, true heart, true spirit, sanity, consciousness, soberness
今のなしいまのなしI quit
婚姻こんいんmarriage, matrimony
とどけ(suffix) report, notification, registration
届くとどくto reach
ありきたりcommon, ordinary
痛覚つうかくsense of pain
Page 74
きのえfirst in rank, first sign of the Chinese calendar, shell, instep, grade A
手の甲てのこうback of the hand
抓るつねるto pinch
ring, hoop, circle
頭上ずじょうoverhead, high in sky
たなshelves, rack
ぼた餅ぼたもちAzuki bean mochi (yum!)
氷炭ひょうたんice and charcoal, contradiction
独楽こまa top
こまshoogi pieces
Page 75
申すもうすto be called, to say (humble)
毅然きぜんfortitude, firmness, resolution
態度たいどattitude, manner
大人しいおとなしいobedient, docile, quiet
外見がいけんoutward appearance
堂々どうどうmagnificent, grand, impressive
取りあえずとりあえずat once, first of all, for the time being
中断ちゅうだんinterruption, suspension, break
感謝かんしゃthanks, gratitude
申し出でもうしいでproposal, request, claim, report, notice
牽制球けんせいきゅうpick-off throw
信奉者しんぽうしゃfollower, believer
雑談ざつだんchatting, idle talk
観察かんさつobservation, survey
Page 76
だとしたらif that is so (だ+と+したら)
もしやit could be (もしかして)
瞬時しゅんじmoment, instant
躊躇ちゅうちょhesitation, indecision
揺るゆるto shake, to jolt, to rock (the cradle), to swing
揺るぎないゆるぎないsolid, firm, steady
万が一まんがいちif by any change, 10,000 to 1
向き合うむきあうto be opposite, to face each other
途方とほうway, destination, reason
叶うかなうto come true (wish)
空想くうそうdaydream, fantasy, fancy, vision
直行便ちょっこうびんdirect (nonstop) flight
ちらつくto flicker, to flit, to litter, to be dazzled
黙り込だまりこむto say no more, to sink into silence
意を決して言ういをけっしていうmake a firm decision and state it
Page 77
申し訳もうしわけapology, excuse
ざわめくto be noisy, to be astir, to rustle
ざわめきwhisper (smaller version of ざわざわ)
責任せきにんduty, responsibility
ピクピクぴくぴくto jerk, to wiggle, to twitch
震うふるうto shake, to tremble, to vibrate
震えるふるえるto shiver, to shake, to quake
本性ほんしょう/ほんせいtrue character, real nature
嬉しいうれしいhappy, glad, pleasant
性格せいかくcharacter, personality
部分ぶぶんportion, section, part
Page 78
しっぽを振るしっぽをふるwag its tail
心外しんがいwholly unexpectedly, regrettable, unthinkable
変換へんかんchange, conversion, transformation
作業さぎょうwork, operation, manufactuing, fatigue duty
連敗れんぱいconsecutive defeats, series of defeats
やって来るやってくるamazing, shocking
口々くちぐちeach entrance, every mouth
面白がるおもしろがるto amuse oneself, to be amused, to enjoy, to think fun
一件いっけんa matter, an item
どうにかin some way or other, one way or another
おやOh! Oh? My!
同情どうじょうsympathy, compassion, sympathize, pity, feel for
泣き言う泣き言うto complain, to whinge
珍しいめずらしいunusual, rare
くせにand yet, though, when, in spite of (わかっているくせに=You know darn well)
一歩いっぱone step
一歩下がるいっぽさがるto take a step backward
様子ようすaspect, state, appearance
化すかすto change into, to convert to, to transform, to be reduced, to influence, to improve (someone)
Page 79
理屈りくつtheory, reason
成り立つなりたつto consist of, to be practical (logical, feasible, viable), to be concluded, to be concluded, to hold
無理矢理むりやりforcibly, against one's will
踊るおどるto dance
共演きょうえんappearing together, co-acting, co-starring
仕立てるしたてるto tailor, to make, to prepare, to train, to send (a messenger)
仕立て上げるしたてあげるto be made out to be
気まずいきまずいunpleasant, awkward (embarassed)
ツンとするつんとするto look prim
済ますすますto finish, to get it over with, to conclude; to settle, to pay back; to get along (without something)
澄ますすますto clear, to make clear, to be unruffled, to look unconcerned, to look demure, to look prim, to put on airs
澄むすむto clear (weather), to become transparent
憎まれ口にくまれぐちabusive language
遠慮えんりょdiffidence, restraint, reserve
今回こんかいnow, this time, lately, already, too late
フォローふぉろうfollow, followup
愉快ゆかいpleasant, happy
Page 80
依頼いらいrequest, commission, dispatch; dependence, trust
せめてat least, at most
劣るおとるto fall behind, to be inferior to
名指しなざしnomination, calling names
きわ/サイedge, brink, verge
この際このさいthis case
一押しひとおしpush, another try
連絡れんらくcommunication, contact, connection, coordination
もともとoriginally, by nature, from the start
言いかけるいいかけるto begin speaking, to start to say, to stop in mid-sentence
真横まよこdirectly horizontal, right beside
Page 81
切ないせつないpainful, trying, oppresive, suffocating
重みおもみimportance, weight, dignity, emphasis
非難ひなんblame, attack, criticism
回れ右まわれみぎabout face
言い聞かすいいきかすto tell someone to do something, to warm, to persuade , to instruct
空回りからむわりracing (of an engine), spinning one's wheels, fruitless effort
一端いったんone end, a part
直ぐ様すぐさまimmediately, promptly
異論いろんdifferent opinion, objection
直にじきにimmediately, readily, directly
強要きょうようcoercion, extortion
引っ張るひっぱるto pull, to draw, to stretch, to drag, to pull the ball (baseball)
看板かんばんsign, signboard, doorplate, poster, billboard, appearance, figurehead, policy, attraction, closing time
背負しょうto be burdened with, to carry on back or shoulder
Page 82
今更変更いまさらへんこう???last-minute change???
変更へんこうchange, modification, alteration
そうでもないnot necessarily
かなめpivot, vital point
提案ていあんproposal, proposition, suggestion
賭けかけbetting, gambling, a gamble
罰ゲームばちげいむgambling/penalty game
気になるきになるto be on one's mind, to worry one, to feel uneasy, to be anxious, to feel inclined
口振りくちぶりway of speaking, imitation
耳打ちみみうちwhispter into a person's ear
賛同さんどうapproval, endorsement
劣勢れっせいnumerical inferiority
裏付けるうらづけるto support, to endorse, to substantiate
Page 83
返事へんじreply, answer
余計よけいtoo much, unnecessary, abundance, surplus, excess, superfluity
節介せっかいuntimely interference
口を出すぐちをだすto interrupt a conversation
現状維持げんじょういじmaintenance of the status quo
見かけみかけoutward appearance
嫌悪感けんおかんcreeps, get the creeps, give someone the creeps, disgust, distaste, feeling of dislike, feeling of repulsion, ill-will
含み笑いふくみわらいsuppressed laugh, smile, giggle, chuckle
簡潔かんけつbrevity, conciseness, simplicity
述べるのべるto state, to express, to mention
否かいなか…or not
至難しなんmost difficult, next to impossible
わざdeed, act, work, performance
時点じてんpoint in time, occasion
ちゃんとperfectly, properly, exactly
Page 84
手をつなぐてをつなぐto hold hands
一日でも早くいちにちでもはやくas soon as possible
勝敗しょうはいvictory or defeat, issue (of battle)
次第しだいorder, precedence, circumstances; immediately, as soon as, dependent upon
遣り甲斐やりがいbe worth doing
勝ち気かちきdetermined or unyielding spirit
空くあく/すくto be open, to become open, to become empty, to be less crowded (VI)
塞ぐふさぐto stop up, to close up, to block up, to occupy, to fill up, to take up, to stand in another's way, to plug up, to shut up
当たり前あたりまえusual, common, ordinary, natural, reasonable, obvious
守るまもるto protect, to obey, to guard, to abide (by the rules)
Page 85
決まるきまるto be decided, to be settled, to look good in (clothes)
決めるきめるto decide
勝負しょうぶvictory or defeat, match, contest, game, bout
悔やむくやむto mourn
仏心ぶっしん/ほとけごころHotoke's compassion, the Buddha heart, the Buddha mind
放すはなすto separate, to set free
放つはなつto free, to release, to fire
放るほうるto let go
浮くうくto float, to become merrry, to become loose
浮かぶうかぶto float, to rise to surface, to come to mind
銀杏いちょうGinko tree
並木なみきroadside tree, row of trees
釣瓶つるべwell bucket
解放かいほうrelease, liberation, emancipation
黄昏たそがれdusk, twilight
時間帯じかんたいtime zone
心配しんぱいworry, concern, anxiety, care
Page 86
気楽きらくat ease, comfortable
とうとうat last
年貢 ねんぐannual tribute, land tax
納めるおさめるto obtain, to reap, to pay, to supply, to accept
貴重きちょうprecious, valuable
減るへるto diminish, to abate
惜しいおしいregrettable, disappointing
どうせanyhow, in any case, at any rate, after all, at best, at most, at all
何日目??????several days???
指定していdesignation, specification, assignment, pointing at
勝つかつto win, to gain victory
いざnow, come (now), well, crucial moment
真っ正面まっしょうじきperfectly honest
たてlength, height
訂正ていせいcorrection, revision
習慣しゅうかんcustom, habit
下校げこうcoming home from school, end of school day
通りかかるとおりかかるto happen to pass by
Page 87
日々ひび/にちにちevery day, daily, day after day
変えるかえるto change, to alter, to vary, to convert, to revise, to amend
異臭いしゅうoffensive smell, off-flavor
背筋はいきん/せすじthe muscles along the spine, dorsal muscles; spinal column; seam in the back, back seam
格好かっこうshape, form, posture, suitability, moderateness (in price), appearance, manner
去るさるto leave, to go away
後ろ姿うしろすがたretreating figure, appearance from behind
傾きかたむきslope, inclination, list, tendency, trend, bent, disposition, bias

Story 2, Chapter 1



In Japan, students pass notes in class by tying them into knots (結び文) and passing them on to the recipient.


Page 89 has Yumi whining about how the sightseers don't know who she is if nobody shows them: 誰が噂の本人か教えてもらわなきゃわからない


Page 89 has the sightseers running off to the bathroom and then coming back: お手洗いにもいってこられた


If 惚け is "acting the fool" (playing the dumb role in a two-person comedy routine, think Jerry Lewis in Martin & Lewis), then すっ惚け is "intentionally acting the fool" or adopting the role on purpose. Tsutako-san feigned such stupidity when she diverts the newspaper club's attention from Yumi on page 91: すっ惚けた蔦子さん


Tsutako-san's clever wordplay in calling Yumi "Natsume" is based on the faces on Japanese currency. Yumi has already mentioned that her family name Fukuzawa is the same kanji as Fukuzawa Yukichi, the guy on the 10,000-yen bill.

ナツメTsutako-san's tricky name for Yumi
夏目漱石1,000 yen bill, Natsume Souseki
福沢諭吉10,000 yen bill, Fukuzawa Yukichi
福沢祐巳Fukuzawa Yumi, our protagonist

Vocabulary/New Kanji

Page 88
翌日よくじつnext day
数倍すうばいseveral times (as large, over)
離れて見るはなれてみるto watch from a distance
一癖ひとくせtrait, peculiarity, idiosyncracy
流すながすto drain, to float, to shed (blood, tears), to cruise (e.g. taxi)
出所でところ/しゅっしょbirthplace, place of origin, authority; getting out of prison
可能性かのうせいpotentiality, likelihood, possibility
別にべつにparticularly, nothing
苦情くじょうcomplaint, troubles, objections
平和へいわpeace, harmony
支障ししょうobstacle, hindrance, impediment, difficulty
生じるしょうじるto produce, to yield, to result from, to arise, to be generated
逸らすそらすto turn away, to avert
Page 89
結び文むすびぶみnote (passing notes in class)
実物じつぶつreal thing, original
だけに(suffix) being the case, because, as might be expected, precisely
結局けっきょくafter all, eventually
根も葉もないねもはもないunfounded rumor, completely untrue
大部分だいぶぶんmost part, greater part, majority
反響はんきょうecho, reverberation, repercussion, reaction, influence
人材じんざいman of talent, human resource, qualified person
手つくてつくto hand pick
一人歩きひとりあるきwalking alone
なぞpuzzle, enigma
一目見るひとめみるto glance at, to take one look
見物人けんぶつにんspectator, sightseer, onlookers
教科書きょうかしょtext book
複雑ふくざつcomplexity, complication
げっそりbeing disheartened, losing weight
期待きたいexpectation, anticipation, hope
利くきくto be effective
気を利かすきをきかすto be tactful, to be sensible, to have the sense to do
気を利かせるきをきかせるto put two and two together
Page 90
和やかなごやかmild, calm, gentle, quiet, harmonious
そば/はたnear, close, beside, vicinity, proximity
たわいないsilly, foolish, trifling, absurd, childish, easy, guileless
素早いすばやいfast, quick, prompt, agile
取材しゅざいchoice of subject, collecting data
情報じょうほうinformation, (military) intelligence
しつこいinsistent, obstinate
ワイドショーわいどしょうtalk and variety (TV) show
芸能げいのうpublic entertainment, accomplishments, attainments
ゴロゴロごろごろthunder, purring, scatter, idleness
血の気ちのけ(hot)-blooded, complexion
不倫ふりんadultery, immorality, impropriety
ふくろbag, sack
弁当箱べんとうばこlunch box
さっとsuddenly, quickly
Page 91
如何にもいかにもindeed, really, phrase meaning agreement
無念むねんchagrin, regret
担ぐかつぐto shoulder, to carry on shoulder
承知しょうちconsent, acceptance, assent, admitting, acknowledgement, compliance, agreement, awareness
友好的ゆうこうてきfriendly, amicable
迎えるむかえるto go out to meet, to accept as a member of a group or family
ちょうどよいjust as well
惚けぼけidiot, fool, touched in the head from, out of it from, space case, Alzheimer's (impol)
最中さいちゅうin the middle of, height of, in course of, midst
くっつけto attach
かかりofficial, duty, person in charge
加わるくわわるto join in, to accede to, to increase, to gain in (influence)
ゴチャゴチャごちゃごちゃjumble, complaining about various things
Page 92
ずらすto put off, to delay
奥の席おくのせきseat in the back
訝しいいぶかしいsuspicious, doubtful
然う然うそうそうOh yes! I remember!
急ぎいそぎurgent, hasty
その上そのうえin addition, furthermore
多分たぶんperhaps, probably
会釈えしゃくnod, salutation, greeting, recognition, bow
手を打つてをうつto make a bargain, to shake on it
共通点きょうつうてんcommon feature
さつ(suffix) note, paper money
ふだtoken, label, ticket, card, charm, talisman
人違いひとちがいmistaking one person for another
切り抜くきりぬくto cut out, to clip from, to extract
面倒見がいいめんどうみがいいto be very helpful, take good care of
Page 93
ブラブラぶらぶらdangle heavily, swing, sway to and fro, aimlessly, idly, lazily, loiter, loaf, be idle, stroll by
手すりてすりhandrail, railing
ちょこんa small portion, a little bit
ホッほっphew, sigh of relief
何故かなぜかsomehow, for some reason, without knowing why
指定席していせきreserved seat
裏手うらてback of house
混ざるまざるto be mixed, to be blended with, to associate with, to mingle with, to join
生えるはえるto grow, to spring up, to cut (teeth)
限定げんていlimit, restriction
わくto boil, to grow hot, to get excited, to gush forth
Page 94
塗るぬるto paint, to plaster, to lacquer, to varnish
うっとりabstractedly, absentmindedly, absorbedly, in a trance
西洋人せいようじんWestern people
話題わだいtopic, subject
渋いしぶいold fashioned, outdated; tasteful (clothing), "cool", an aura of refined masculinity, astringent, sullen, bitter (taste), grim, quiet, sober, stingy
ついでnext, secondly, subsequently
いもtuber, taro, potato; yokel, bumpkin
煮っ転???small potatoes
踏むふむto step on, to tread on
グチャグチャぐちゃぐちゃpulpy, soppy, sloppy
臭うにおうto be fragrant, to smell, to stink, to glow, to be bright
潰れるつぶれるto be smashed, to go bankrupt
ぎゃくreverse, opposite
あんなsuch, so, that, sort of
好むこのむto like, to prefer
盛り合わせもりあわせcombination platter
シソの葉しそのはshiso leaf, edible decoration on many a sushi platter
茶碗蒸しちゃわんむしchawan-mushi, a savoury egg custard with fish an other yummy stuff
大豆だいずsoya bean
十代じゅうだいthe teens (10-19), teenage, the tenth generatino
嗜好しこうtaste, preference
環境かんきょうenvironment, circumstance
影響えいきょうinfluence, effect
Page 95
じゅんpure, chaste
和風わふうJapanese style
建築けんちくconstruction, architecture
洋間ようまWestern-style room
白亜はくあchalk, pure white
豪邸どうていpalatial residence, stately mansion
似合にあうto suit, to match, to become, to be like
よるto depend on, to be due to, according to
感想かんそうimpressions, thoughts
空色そらいろsky blue
太陽たいようsun, solar
透かすすかすto look through, to hold up to the light, to make an opening, to leave space, to space (lines), to prune (trees)
金色きんいろgolden color
写すうつすto film, to transcribe, to duplicate, to reproduce, to trace, to describe, to picture, to photograph, to imitate
書き写すかきうつすto transcribe
きょくtune, piece of music
Page 96
ふとsuddenly, casually, accidentally, incidentally, unexpectedly, unintentionally
益々ますますincreasingly, more and more
親近しんきんrelative, family
向かい合うむかいあうto be opposite, to face each other
具体ぐたいconcrete, tangible, material
具体的ぐたいてきconcrete, tangible, definite
漠然ばくぜんobscure, vague, equivocal
合致がっちagreement, concurrence, conforming to
重要じゅうようimportant, momentous, essential, principal, major
釣り合うつりあうto balance, to be in harmony, to suit
相性あいしょうaffinity, compatibility
Page 97
二股ふたまたbifurcation, parting of the way
選択せんたくselection, choice
地面じめんground, earth's surface
じっくりdeliberately, carefully
熟すじゅくすto ripen, to mature
仮定かていassumption, supposition, hypothesis
しっくりnicely, to a tee
天の邪鬼あまのじゃくperverse person, devil beneath temple guardian deities
負けず嫌いまけずぎらいhatred of losing (yes, that's "not-losing hatred". English has double-negatives too, so relax and accept).
Page 98
人気ひとけsign of life
几帳面きちょうめんexactitude, particularity, preciseness
老教師?????? old teacher?
追い抜くおいぬくto pass (a car), to outdistance, to outsail, to outstrip
ほかother (esp. places and things)
始業しぎょうstart of work, commencement, opening

Story 2, Chapter 2


Go Home Club

As seen in Azumanga Daioh, the "Go Home Club" is students to don't have any club activities after school, so they can go home.

ト音記号のド: G clef's Do

I'm no musician, but I've seen Sound of Music a million times, and I can use Google to map "do re mi fa so la ti do" to "C D E F G A B C" and guess the rest from there. If "G clef's do" doesn't map to middle C, somebody spoon-feed me a musical clue and I'll fix the translation.

A clause ending in の can mean "although" or "even though", kind of like しても. Page 110 has Yumi deciding that even though Sachiko-sama threw a hissy fit just one day ago, Sachiko-sama really is an ideal onee-sama: たまたま昨日はヒステリックになってはいたものの、祥子さまは本来マリア様のような清く正しく美しい、絵に描いたような理想的なお姉さまであるはず。

V+えば Vplain = the more I V, the more I _

Keiko-sensei covered this in class a long time ago, and I recognized the structure, but not the meaning.

For example, the more I eat, the fatter I get: 食べば食べる、太くなる。

Or page 112, where the more Yumi learns about Sachiko-sama, the less she understands: 知れば知るほど小笠原祥子さまという人がわからなくなっていく。

第二し: Counters

Use the wrong counter, get corrected in class.

第二かLesson 2 of a textbook
第二かんVolume 2 of a multi-volume series (including DVD sets)
第二しChapter 2 of a story


かといって=だからといって=that's the reason/that's not the reason(neg)

Page 100 has Yumi killing time in the music room, to avoid the throngs of gossipy teenage girls after school: 高等部の生徒がかたまっている中に自ら進んで飛び込む勇気はやはりない。かといって時間をつぶすような場所も、心当たりはなかった。

Vocabulary/New Kanji

制度せいどsystem, institution
導入どうにゅうintroduction, bringing in, leading in
欧米おうべいEurope and America, the West
Page 99
掃除機そうじきvacuum cleaner
磨くみがくto polish, to shine, to brush, to refine, to improve
家庭科かていかhome economics
一環いっかんa link
敷き詰めるしきつめるto spread all over
水拭 みずぶwater + wipe
特殊とくしゅspecial, unique
たまにoccasionally, once in a while
払うはらうto pay; to brush, to wipe
程度ていどdegree, amount, grade, standard, of the order of (following a number)
造り付けつくりつけfixed, built in, fixture
手間てまtime, labor
専用せんようexclusive use, personal use
カラカラからからsound of a soujiki/vacuum cleaner's wheels as you tug it along
カラカラからからparched, dried up
さんtray (chalk tray at bottom of blackboard)
差し詰めさしずめfor the time being, after all
現場監督げんばんとくfield overseer, site foreman
お仕舞いおしまいthe end, closing, being done for
グズグズぐずぐずslowly, tardily, hesitatingly
Page 100
混むこむto be crowded
飛び込むとびこむto jump in, to leap in, to plunge into, to dive
勇気ゆうきcourage, bracery, valour, nerve, boldness
潰すつぶすto smash, to waste
親切しんせつkindness, gentleness
届けるとどけるto deliver, to forward, to send, to report, to file notice
相談そうだんconsultation, discussion
パタパタぱたぱたchop chop, pitter-patter, patter of footsteps
足音あしおとfootsteps (sound)
退屈たいくつtedium, boredom
委員会いいんかいcommittee meeting, committee
時期じきtime, season, period
寂しいさびしいlonely, lonesome, solitary
たしなみpoliteness, discipline
Page 101
出し物だしものprogram (theatre), performance
十字架じゅうじかcross (of Christ)
道行みちゆきgoing down the road, eloping, lyric composition describing scenery a traveler sees on the way
十字架の道行じゅうじかのみちゆきstations of the cross
についてconcerning, along, under, per
死刑しけいdeath penalty, capital punishment
宣告せんこくsentence, verdict
死刑宣告しけいせんこくdeath sentence
場面ばめんscene, setting (of a novel)
葬るほうむるto bury, to inter, to entomb, to consign to oblivion
複製ふくせいreproduction, duplication, reprinting
解説文かいせつぶんexplanatory text
実直じっちょくhonest, hard working
明けあけbeginning (end of previous), dawn (end of night), end, expiration
手が回らないてがまわらないcannot handle all the work
時間つぶしじかんつぶしkilling time
間抜けまぬけstupidity, idiot, dunce, blockhead
搗ち合うかちあうto clash, to be in conflict
はしゃぎ声はちゃぎごえloud, happy voices
何とは無しになんとはなしにfor no particular reason, for some reason or other, somehow or other
ふたcover, lid, cap
真夜中まよなかdead of night, midnight
特有とくゆうcharacteristic (of), peculiar (to)
怪談かいだんghost story
一切いっさいwithout exception, the whole, entirely, absolutely
Page 102
触るさわるto touch, to feel
触れるふれるto touch, to be touched, to touch on a subject, to feel, to violate (law, copyright, etc.), to perceive, to be emotionally moved
久しぶりひさしぶりafter a long time
学部がくぶdepartment of a university, undergraduate
身になるみになるto put oneself in someone else's shoes, to improve
音感おんかんsense of sound, "by ear"
再現さいげんreproduction, return, revival
どうにかなるmake it through
弾くひくto play (piano, guitar)
弾くはじくto flip, to snap
半年半年half a year
演奏えんそうmusical performance
厳かおごそかaustere, majestic, dignified, stately, awful, imressive, solemn
響きわたるひびきわたるto resound
染みわたるしみわたるto penetrate, to pervade, to spread
所作しょさconduct, gesture
一つ一つひとつひとつone by one, separately, in detail
きついtight, close
口調くちょうtone, expression
素敵すてきlovely, dreamy, beautiful, great, fantastic, superb, cool, capital
Page 103
展開てんかいdevelop, expansion
予測よそくprediction, estimation
人生じんせいlife (my life as a __)
凭れるもたれるto lean against, to lean on, to recline on, to lie heavy (on the stomach)
こつんとmaking a sound
はし/はなend, edge, tip, margin, point
映るうつるto be reflected, to harmonize with, to come out
映し出すうつしだすto project, to reflect (VT)
奇声きせいstrange voice
声帯せいたいvocal cords
飛び上がるとびあがるto spring, to jump up, to fly up, to skip
悲鳴ひめいshriek, scream
描くかく/えかくto draw, to paint, to depict, to describe
今の今いまのいまthis very minute
邪魔じゃまhidrance, intrusion
配慮はいりょconsideration, concern
小指こゆびlittle finger
人差し指ひとさしゆびindex finger
ト音記号トおんきごうG clef
習うならうto learn
Page 104
規則正しいきそくただしいregular, systematic
刻むきざむto mince, to carve, to engrave, to cut fine, to chop up, to hash, to chisel, to notch
合図あいずsign, signal
開始かいしstart, commencement, beginning
弾みはずみmomentum, spur of the moment
重なるかさなるto be piled up, to lie on top of one another, to overlap each other
連弾れんだんduet, four handed performance (on the piano)
Page 106
重なり合うかさなりあうto lie on top of each other, to overlap to pile up
つかの間つかのまonly for a while
作曲さっきょくcomposition, setting (of music)
つやgloss, glaze
えんcharming, fascinating, voluptuous
臭い/匂いにおいodor, scent, smell, stench, fragrance, aroma, perfume
反面はんめんon the other hand
相反そうはんdisagreement, contrary
感情かんじょうemotions, feelings, sentiment
いつまでもforever, for good, eternally, as long as one likes, indefinitely
呼吸こきゅうbreath, respiration
かすかfaint, dim, weak, indistinct, hazy, poor, wretched
腹が立つはらがたつto get angry, to be offended, to be irked
穏やかおだやかcalm, gentle, quiet
動じるどうじるto be perturbed, to be agitated
これっぽっちonly this little thing, such a trivial thing
壊れるこわれるto be broken, to break
外すはずすto unfasten, to remove
Page 107
吸収きゅうしゅうabsorption, suction, attraction
斜に構えるしゃにかまえるto couch (a sword), to stand ready (to do)
どちらにwhich way, where to?
稽古けいこpractice, training, study
ただでさeven at the best of times, even under normal circumstances, in addition to
異なることなるto differ, to vary, to disagree
相当そうとうsuitable, fair, tolerable, proper
数時間すうじかんa number of hours, few hours
達すたっするto reach, to get to
Page 108
無茶苦茶むちゃくちゃabsurd, unreasonable, excessive, rash, absurdity, nonsense
承認済みしょうにんすみto be approved, to be confirmed
正面しょうめんfront, frontage, facade, main
諫めるいさめるto remonstrate, to warn not to do something
世の中よのなかsociety, the world, the times
ともかくanyhow, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case
矛盾むじゅんcontradiction, inconsistency
本番ほんばんthe actual performance, without rehearsal
後れ毛おくれげstraggling hair
Page 109
拒絶きょぜつrefusal, rejection
弁えるわきまえるto know (right from wrong), to discern, to discriminate, to understand, to bear in mind
分別ふんべつdiscernment, judgement, discretion
明快めいかいclarion, clarity
仕分けしわけassortment, journalizing (in bookkeeping), classification
失望しつぼうdisappointment, despair
放すはなすto separate, to set free
放つはなつto free, to release
放置ほうちleave as is, leave to chance, leave alone, neglect
幼いおさないvery young, childish
人混みひとごみ crowd
見失うみうしなうto lose sight of, to miss
思い直すおもいなおすto re-think, to think back upon, to change one's mind (VT)
強制きょうせいobligation, coercion, compulsion, enforcement
促すうながすto urge, to press, to suggest, to demand, to stimulate, to quicken, to incite, to invite (attention to)
Page 110
乗せるのせるto place on (something), to take on board, to give a ride, to let (one) take part, to impose on, to record, to mention, to load (luggage), to publish, to run (an ad)
罰当たりばちあたりdamned, cursed, acccursed
自省じせいself-examination, reflection
静かしずかquiet, peaceful
たった今たったいまjust now
たったmerely, but, no more than
Page 111
日付ひづけdate, dating
高々たかだかvery high, at most, at best
連れ添うつれそうto be man and wife, to be married to
コソコソこそこそsneakily, move stealthily
嫌うきらうto hate, to dislike, to loathe
整うととのうto be prepared, to be in order, to be put in order, to be arranged
Page 112
滅多めったthoughtless, reckless, seldom, careless
解答かいとうanswer, solution
導き出すみちびきだすto derive
低血圧ていけつあつlow blood pressure
経過けいかpassage, expiration, progress
提出ていしゅつpresentation, submission, filing
寄るよるto visit, to drop in, to approach
担任たんにんin charge (of something)
Page 113
挟むはさむto interpose, to hold between, to insert
すきchance or opportunity, chink (in one's armor), interval, gap
封じるふうじるto seal (letter); to prevent, to forbid
どんどんrapidly, steadily
弁解べんかいexplanation, justification, defence, excuse
小出しこだし(doling out) in small amounts
やなぎwillow, slim
Page 114
わざart, technique
実践じっせんpractice, put into practice

Story 2, Chapter 3


やっちゃう = やってしまう

For some reason, I have a hard time wrapping my brain around Rosa Chinensis' speech patterns. She uses ちゃう a lot.

中等ちゅうとうsecond grade, medium quality, average, middle class, secondary grade
収容しゅうようaccommodation, reception, housing; seating; custody; admission; entering (in a dictionary)
更衣室こういしつlocker room, changing room, dressing room
洗面所せんめんじょwashroom, bathroom
休憩きゅうけいrest, break, recess, intermission
充実じゅうじつfullness, completion, perfection, substantiality, enrichment
他校たこうother schools
親善試合しんぜんじあいfriendly match (game), friendly
造る/作るつくるto make, to create, to build, to construct
履くはくto wear, to put on (lower body)
来客らいかく/らいぎゃくvisitor, caller
備えるそなえるto prepare for, to possess, to have, to be endowed with, to be armed with
運動靴うんどうぐつsports shoes, sneakers
厳禁げんきんstrict prohibition, ban, interdiction
Page 115
指示しじindication, instruction, directions
履き替えるはきかえるto change (clothes)
踏み入れるふみいれるto walk in on, to tread upon
混じるまじるto be mixed, to be blended with, to associate with, to mingle with, to interest, to join
集団しゅうだんgroup, mass
思い当るおもいあたるto think of
真ん中まんなかmiddle, center, midway
三拍子さんびょうしtriple time music, 3 important requisites
どうやらit seems like, somehow or other
Page 116
そろってall together, in a body, en masse
寄りかかるよりかかるto lean against, to recline, to lean on, to rely on
勧めるすすめるto recommend, to advise, to encourage, to offer (wine)
自然しぜんby nature, spontaneous
奏でるかなでるto play (an instrument)
name, reputation
恥じるはじるto feel ashamed
Page 117
初歩しょほelements, rudiments, ABCs of
舞踊ぶようdancing, dance
鍛えるきたえるto forge, to drill, to temper, to train, to discipline
集中しゅうちゅうconcentration, focusing the mind
集中力しゅうちゅうりょくconcentration, ability to concentrate
正真正銘しょうしんしょうめいgenuine, authentic
社交しゃこうsocial life, social intercourse
英会話えいかいわEnglish conversation, school for English conversation
もれるto leak out, to escape, to com through, to chine through, to filter out, to be omitted
計り知れないはかりしれないunfathomable, inestimable, immeasurable
詰まるつまるto be blocked, to be packed, to hit the ball near the handle of the bat
雑用ざつようodd jobs, miscellaneous, other, etc.
熟すこなすto break to pieces, to digest, to handle easily
高二こうにas well as
Page 118
息抜きいきぬきtaking a breather, relaxation, vent hole
真面目まじめdiligent, serious, honest
ひたいforehead, brow
一筋ひとすじa line, earnestly, blindly, straightforwardly
首筋くびすじnape of the neck, back of the next, scruff of the neck
張り付くはりつくto cling to
張り付ける/張りつけるはりつけるto attach to a flat surface with glue, to paste, to stick, to affix
さっかくoptical illusion, hallucination
さっかくalternate angles
機会きかいchance, opportunity
疑問ぎもんquestion, problem, doubt, guess
仕上がるしあがるto be finished
Page 119
時代劇じだいげきhistorical play
観る観るto view (flowers, movie)
宿場しゅくばinn town
たたずむto stand (still) a while, to lointer, to stop
はだskin, body, grain, texture, disposition
ヒリヒリひりひりhurt, smart
待ち受けるまちかけるto await, to expect
考え込むかんがえこむto ponder, to brood
想定そうていhypothesis, supposition, assumption
お喋りおしゃべりchattering, talk, idle talk, chat, chitchat, gossip, talkative, chatterbox, blabbermouth
いじるto touch, to tamper with
のけぞるのけぞるto bend backward
Page 120
巻き戻すまきもどすto rewind
興味きょうみinterest (in something)
引っ込むひっこむ???retreat, shrinking violet???
下げるさげるto hang, to lower, to move back, to wear, to dismiss, to grant
揃えるそろえるto put things in order, to arrange, to make uniform, to get something ready
揃うそろうto become complete, to be equal, to be all present, to gather
さらにfurthermore, again, after all, more and more, moreover
足踏む足踏むstepping, stamping, marking time
Page 121
ようやくgradually, finally, hardly
ようやくleaping with joy, jumping about
ようやくsummary, digest
一団いちだんa body, a group, a party, a gang, a troupe
奇妙きみょうstrange, queer, curious
片手かたてone hand
群舞ぐんぶdancing in groups
仲良くなかよくmaking friends, with, getting along well with, on cordial terms
指摘してきpointing out, identification
見学けんがくinspection, study by observation, field trip
慣れるなれるto grow accustomed to
Page 122
傷つくきずつくto be hurt, to be wounded, to get injured
見て取るみてとるto perceived, to grasp (the situation)
にわかにsudden, abrupt, unexpected, improvised, offhand
面々めんめんeach one, all, every direction
空っ風からっかぜa cold, strong, dry wind
疎いうといdistant, estranged, disinterested
突き刺すつきさすto stab, to pierce
登場とうじょうentry (on stage)
談笑だんしょうfriendly chat
極めるきわめるto carry to extremes, to go to the end of something; to invesitgate thoroughly, to master
Page 123
浴びるあびるto bathe, to back in the sun, to shower
毛頭もうとうnot in the least
方角ほうがくdirection, way, compass point
針のむしろtorture (literally, walking on needles in the tatami mat)
再開さいかいreopening, resumption
むしろrather, better, instead
断然だんぜんfirmly, absolutely, definitely
散々さんざんseverely, harshly, utterly, terrible
あたかもas if, as it were
よそ見よそみlooking away, looking aside
Page 124
思い描くおもいえがくto imagine, to picture, to figure, to see
哀れあわれhelpless, pathos, pity, sorrow, grief, misery, compassion
上もないうえもないutmost, inestimable, greatest
高慢こうまんhaughty, arrogant, proud

Story 3, Chapter 1


Vocabulary/New Kanji

Page 125
連行れんこうtaking (a suspect to the police)
Page 126
ピアニシモぴあにしもpianissimo, very soft
フォルテシモふぉるてしもfortissimo, very loud
急激きゅうげきsudden, precipitous, radical
台無しだいなしmess, spoiled, come to nothing
それはそれでin turn, in one's own way
ヒヨコひよこyoung bird, chick
一昨日おとといthe day before yesterday
なんせat any rate, anyhow
役割やくわりpart, assigning (allotment of) parts, role, duties
Page 127
せきdam, floodgates
ジワジワじわじわbit by bit
所詮しょせんafter all
備品びひんfixtures, furnishings
私物しぶつprivate property
suffix, action of making something
盛り上るもりあがるto rouse; to swell; to rise
存分ぞんぶんto one's heart's content; as much as one wants
畳み掛けるたたみかけるto press for an answer; to shower questions on someone
畳むたたむto fold (clothes)
bounds; limits
とっさにat once
Page 128
点数てんすうmarks, points, score, runs, number of items, credits
引き下がるひきさがるto withdraw, to leave
Page 129
以上いじょうmore than, exceeding, greater than, this is all, over, above, and up, beyond, the above-mentioned, since, as long as, the end
本気ほんきseriousness, truth, sanctity
零れるこぼれるto overflow, to spill
攻撃こうげきattack, strike, offensive, criticism, censure
拒むこばむto refuse, to reject, to decline
悲しいかなしいsad, sorrowful
Page 130
正反対せいはんたいbipolar, polar, polarity, exactly opposite
止むやむto finish, to end, to be completed

Story 3, Chapter 2



It's pan. Yeah, it transliterates as "bread" or something, but really, it's pan. A roll with tasty stuff inside it is _not_ bread. That's like translating "quiche" to "egg pie" or "tanuki" to "racoon dog." If you're lucky enough to live near a Japanese bakery, go try some pan. I recommend the crab, chow mein, and menchi pan.



The end of page 132 has Sachiko-sama smiling, looking like she's having fun: 祥子さまは、楽しげに笑って


あるまいか is an older sentence ending for supposition.

Page 133 has Yumi wondering if it's agonizing for sakura- and ginko-hating Sachiko-sama to come to Lillian (which apparently has an abundance of these trees): この学園に通うこと自体が苦痛ではあるまいか。

冊子さっしbook, booklet, story book, pamphlet, notebo
綴じるとじるto bind, to file
綴るつづるto spell, to compose
表紙ひょうしfront cover, binding
台本だいほんlibretto, scenario, script
しるしseal, stamp, mark, print, symbol
Page 131
パラパラぱらぱらfalling in (large) drops, sprinkle, pattering, clattering, flipping through a book
捲るめくるto turn over, to turn pages of a book, to tear off, to strip off
暗記あんきmemorization, learning by heart
あらためてanother time, again, over again, anew, formally
箇所かしょpassage, place, point, part
強いるしいるto force, to compel, to coerce
割り当てるわりあてるto assign, to allot, to divide among, to distribute, to prorate
当てあてobject, aim, end, hopes, expectations
案内あんないinformation, guidance, leading
引き続きひきつづきcontinuing for a long time, in succession, without a break
過ごすすごすto pass, to spend, to go through, to tide over
Page 132
包装ほうそうpacking, wrapping
深いふかいdeep, profound, thick, close
浅いあさいshallow, superficial
じょうfeelings, emotion, passion
隠れるかくれるto hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself, to disappear
必要ひつようnecessary, essential, indispensible
逃がすにがすto let loose, to set free, to let escape
逃げるにげるto escape, to run away
逃れるのがれるto escape
かくかくbrilliant, brilliantly brightly, glorious
しかじかsuch and such
困るこまるto be worried, to be bothered
一雨ひとあめshower, rainfall
晴れ渡るはれわたるto clear up, to be refreshed
Page 133
引き留めるひきとめるto detain, to check, to restrain
せっかくwith trouble, at great pains, long-awaited
問うとうto ask, to question, to charge (i.e. with a crime), to accuse, without regard to (neg)
切り出すきりだすto quarry, to cut (timber), to cut and carry off, to begin to talk, to break the ice, to broach, to bring down
苦痛くつうpain, agony
好き嫌いすききらいlikes and dislikes, taste
まずいunappetising, unpleasant (taste, appearance, situation), ugly, unskilful, awkward, bungling, unwise, untimely
Page 134
結婚式場けっこんしきじょうmarriage hall, wedding parlor
参列さんれつattendance, participation, presence
桜湯さくらゆdrink made of boiled water poured over preserved cherry leaves and blossoms
煮豆にまめcooked beans
さされるto be stabbed
裏表紙うらびょうしback cover
裏表うらおもてwrong side out, both sides, reverse, opposite, double-dealing
予報よほうforecast, prediction
どうしたらHow is it possible?

Story 3, Chapter 3



Stumped on a word? Try dropping the small っ . If the word ends in a く, it might be a く-form of an い adjective. In this case, しつっこく is the く form of しつこい, or "persistent."

_のか、_のか = whether _ or _

Page 140 has Yumi wondering whether Rosa Gigantea is just telling a story from memory, or intentionally omitting the middle parts of a story: 感性で話をしているのか、それとも起承転結の承と転の部分は省略してしまっているのか、その辺わからないけれど。

Page 141, Yumi ponders whether complex or simple, human relations are deep: 複雑なのか単純なのか、人間関係は奥が深い。


Page 135
感心かんしんadmiration, well done!
保護者ほごしゃguardian, protector, patron
生るなるto bear fruit
皮肉ひにくcynicism, sarcasm
Page 136
人影ひとかげman's shadow, soul
純粋じゅんすいpure, true, genuine, unmixed
お湯おゆhot water
割りわりrate, proportion (mixed in)
伏せるふせるto lay something upside down, to turn something over, to cover, to lay (pipes), to lay (an ambush), to hide
沸騰ふんまつfine powder
たっぷりfull, in plenty, ample
合唱がっしょうchorus, singing in a chorus
躍起ゆっきdesperation, eagerness
Page 137
他人事ひとごとsomebody else's problem, someone else's business
のんびりcarefree, at leisure
実質じっしつsubstance, essence
ただいまHere I am, I'm home!, presently, right away, right now, just now
要領ようりょうpoint, gist, essentials, outline、knack, ropes (show someone the)
サボリさぼりto sabotage by slowness
更にさらにfurthermore, again, after all, more and more, moreover
担当たんとう(in) charge
区域くいきlimits, boundary, domain, zone, sphere, territory
ダラダラだらだらpouring liquid, prevaricating, long, gentle slope, sluggishly, endlessly
言葉遣いことばづかいspeech, expression, wording
口調くちょうtone, expression
崩れるくずれるto collapse, to crumble
緊張きんちょうtension, mental strain, nervousness
緩むゆるむto become loose, to slacken
Page 138
感嘆かんたんadmiration, wonder
咎めるとがめるto blame, to find fault, to take someone to task, to aggravate (an injury)
腰掛けこしかけseat, bench (to sit)
自信満満じしんまんまんfull of confidence
満々まんまんfull of, brimming with
悩むなやむto be worried, to be troubled
迷うまようto be puzzled, to be perplexed
それなりin itself, as it is
Page 139
頭脳ずのうhead, brains, intellect
以内いないwithin, inside of, less than
成績せいせきresults, record
学年十位以内がくねんじゅういいないtop ten (students) in the (school) grade, ranking
数式すうしきnumerical formula
睡魔すいまsleepiness, drowsiness
落ち込むおちこむto fall into, to feel down (sad)
弱気よわきtimid, faint-hearted, bearish sentiment
改めてあらためてanother time, again, over again, anew, formally
Page 140
拭うぬぐうto wipe
干すほすto air, to dry, to dessicate, to drain (off), to drink up
飲み干すのみほすto drink up, to drain (cup)
起承転結きしょうてんけつintroduction, development, turn and conclusion (quadripartite structure of certain Chinese poetry)
感性かんせいsensitivity, sensitiveness, sense
省略しょうりゃくomission, abbreviation, abridgment
隠すかくすto hide, to conceal
高校生活こうこうせいかつyour three years in high school
Page 141
距離きょりdistance, range
Page 142
水平すいへいwater level, horizon
保つたもつto keep, to preserve, to hold, to retain, to maintain, to support, to sustain, to last, to endure, to keep well (food), to wear well, to be durable
ジタバタじたばた(kick and) struggle, wriggle
楽になるらくになるbe better off, come easy, grow easier, have relief, lighten, sit pretty, unkink
戯れたわむれplay, sport, fun, caprice, joke, jest, flirtation
預けるあずけるto give into custody, to leave (a child) in the care of, to entrust, to deposit
悪びれるわるびれるto do without fear (calm composure)
そそくさhurriedly, in haste
Page 144
切れるきれるblow up, explode, go crazy ("cut a nerve")???
刺激しげきstimulus, impetus, incentive, excitement, irritation, encouragement, motivation
切れるきれるto cut well, to be sharp; to break (off), to snap, to wear out; to be injured; to burst, to collapse; to be disconnected, to be out of, to expire, to sever (connections) with; to be shrewd, to have a sharp mind
留まるとまるto be fixed, to abide, to stay (in the one place)
ふと目ふともaccidentally, by chance
運ぶはこぶto transport
回避かいひevasion, avoid
模様もようpattern, figure, design
Page 145
妬くやくto be jealous of, to be envious of
態とらしいわざとらしいunnatural, affected, studied, forced
甚だしいはなはだしいextreme, excessive, terrible, intense, severe, serious, tremendous, heavy (damage)
勘違いかんちがいmisunderstanding, wrong guess
洗剤せんざいdetergent, washing material
泡立つ泡立つto bubble, to foam, to froth
新たあらたnew, fresh, novel
文庫本ぶんこぼんpaperback (pulp)
供給きょうきゅうsupply, provision
湯沸かしゆわかしtea kettle
湯沸かし器ゆわかしきwater-heater, water-boiler
濯ぐすすぐto rinse, to wash out
水道すいどうwater service, water supply
凍るこおるto freeze, to be frozen over, to congeal
独り言ひとりごとa soliloquy, a monologue, speaking to oneself
Page 146
水切りみずきりdrainer, forefoot, ducks and drakes, snipping the stem of a cut flower without raising it out of water
ペラリぺらりsound of flipping over a single page
ギッシリぎっしりtightly, fully
モジモジもじもじbashfully, hesitantly, fidget, restlessly
要求ようきゅうrequest, demand, requisition
縁飾りふちかざりedging, a frill
正確せいかくaccurate, punctuality, exactness, authenticity, veracity
一文いちぶんa sentence
載るのるto appear (in print), to be recorded
Page 147
言い出すいいだすto start talking, to speak, to tell, to propose, to suggest, to break the ice
明らかあきらかobvious, evident, clear, plain
応じるおうじるto respond, to satisfy, to accept, to comply with, to apply for
応えることえるto respond, to answer, to strike home, to take its toll, to reward
覚悟かくごresolution, resignation, readiness, preparedness
花模様はなもようfloral pattern
一難いちなんone difficulty, one danger
懸命けんめいeagerness, earnestness, risking one's life
Page 148
ぎこちないawkward, clumsy, stiff, constrained
感触かんしょくsense of touch, feeling, sensation
心拍数しんぱくすうone's heart rate, pulse rate
集合しゅうごうgathering, assembly, meeting, set (math)
集合場所しゅうごうばしょmeeting-place, rendezvous (point), roll-call (assembly) point, appointed (designated) place
僅かわずかonly, merely, a little, small quantity
こくsevere, harsh, stringent, rigorous, strict, unfair

Story 3, Chapter 4



お取り込み is more like "you were busy with your own stuff", with slight salacious connotations. It's the kind of thing you say to excuse yourself if you accidentally intrude on a couple's private time together. On page 150, in reply to one of Sachiko's barbs, Rosa Chinensis uses this as an excuse for not telling Sachiko and Yumi that the practice location had changed: あなた方がお取り込み中だっていうので.


Page 149
膠も無いにべもないcurt, point-blank
主要しゅようchief, main, principal, major
占領せんりょうoccupation, capture, possession, have a room to oneself
Page 150
一見いっけんa look, a glimpse, glance; first meeting
抗議こうぎprotest, objection
取り込むとりこむto take in, to introduce, to be busy, to be confused
急きょきゅうきょhurriedly, in a hurry
誘導ゆうどうguidance, leading, induction, introduction, incitement, inducement
せずwithout (suffix)
外方そっぽlook (or turn) the other way
進展しんてんprogress, development
支持しじsupport, maintenance
ネタねたtopic, subject, headline news of a newspaper or show
地味じみplain, simple, boring
張本人ちょうほんにんringleader, originator, perpetrator
Page 151
うんざりtedious, boring, being fed up with
不要ふあんnon-business, of no use, waste (products), unnecessary
バサバサばさばさrustle, be dry, loose
せこいpetty, small-minded, stingy
右袖みぎそでright wing (of a stage)
肩を震わせていた.laughing in mute mode: shoulders shaking when you're trying not to laugh
Page 152
舞台監督ぶたいかんとくstage director
張るはるto stick, to paste, to put, to affix, to stretch, to spread, to strain, to stick out, to slap, to be expensive, to tighten
誇らしいほこらしいproud, haughty, arrogant, splendid, magnificent
ちょっぴりa very little bit, just a smidgin, a wee bit
さえ(particle) even
張り切るはりきるto be in high spirits, to be full of vigor, to be enthusiastic, to be eager, to stretch to breaking point
新入りしんいりnewcomer, initiate, novice
出入り口でいりぐちexit and entrance
カチンコチンかちんこちんhard, rigid
Page 153
くっきりdistinctly, clearly, boldly
美術びじゅつart, fine arts
下読みしたよみpreparatory reading, lesson study
言い置くいいおくto leave word, to leave a message
指名しめいname, nominate, designate
取り柄とりえworth, redeeming, feature
新参者しんざんものJohnny-come-lately, another mouth to feed, freshman, initiate, neophyte, new kid on the block, novice, newcomer, rube, tenderfoot
反省はんせいreflection, reconsideration, introspection, meditation, contemplation
ましてやhow much more
身の程みのほどone's social position, one's own place
反感はんかんantipathy, revolt, animosity
Page 154
一礼いちれいa bow (salute, greeting)
礼儀正しいれいぎただしいpolite (person)
いきないinside the area
近寄るちかよるto approach, to draw near
倦ねるあぐねるto tire of, to lose interest
溜まるたまるto collect, to gather, to save
感覚かんかくsense, sensation
Page 155
事情じじょうcircumstances, consideration, conditions, situation, reasons
いじけるto grow timid (from an inferiority complex)
批判ひはんcriticism, judgement, comment
進行形しんこうけい(the) progressive form
背景はいけいbackground, scenery, setting, circumstance
不明ふめいunknown, obscure, indistinct, uncertain, ambiguous, ignorant, lack of wisdom, anonymous, unidentified
真剣しんけんseriousness, earnestness
久々ひさびさlong time, many days
ふざけるto romp, to gambol, to frolic, to joke, to make fun of, to flirt
手助てだすけa help
ギザギザぎざぎざjagged, notched, corrugated, milled, serrated
Page 156
志願しがんaspiration, volunteering, desire
倉庫そうこstorehouse, warehouse, godown
転換てんかんconvert, divert
創作そうさくproduction, literary creation
栄養えいようnutrition, nourishment
無事ぶじsafety, peace, quietness
機嫌きげんhumor, temper, mood
入り交じるいりまじるto mix with, to be mixed
団子になるだんごになるgroup together
初日しょにちfirst or opening day
Page 157
一気にいっきにat once, at a breath (stroke, sitting)
完璧かんぺきperfection, completeness, flawless
釘付けくぎづけnailing down or shut, being rooted to the spot
観客かんきゃくaudience, spectators

Story 3, Chapter 5



Page 158 has Yumi with Sister B's dress half-on, probably still arms-up over her head: 姉B用のドレスを被りかけていた祐巳.

A half-eaten cookie is 食べかけてクーキー.

仮縫いかりぬいtemporary sewing, basting
試着しちゃくwearing clothes to try
Page 158
清楚せいそneat and clean, tidy, trim
義母ぎぼmother-in-law, foster mother, step mother
たくし上げるたくしあげるto roll up or pull up (sleeves, skirt, etc)
えりneck, collar, lapel, neckband
色っぽいいろっぽいamorous, sexy, voluptuous, erotic
力強いちからづよいreassuring, emboldened
ブンブンぶんぶんbuzz, hum
Page 159
聞き捨てるききすてるto ignore, to overlook
確定かくていdefinition (math), decision, settlement
標準ひょうじゅんstandard, level
大きめおおきめlargish, biggish, a little bit larger
胸囲きょういchest measurement
ブカブカぶかぶかtoo big, baggy
余分よぶんextra, excess, surplus
駆け寄るかけよるto rush over, to run up to
Page 160
迫るせまるto ask out on a date; to draw near, to press
休めるやすめるto rest, to suspend, to give relief
ばかりapproximately, just, only, merely, nothing but
話せるはなせるto be understanding, to be sensible
ひいき目ひいきめsee things in a favourable light
見劣りみおとりunfavourable comparison
両端りょうはしboth ends, either end, both edges, sitting on the fence
クルクルくるくるlike a small spinning object, winding up a long string, etc.
Page 161
もしくはor, otherwise
上げ底あげぞこfalse bottom
谷間たにまravine, chasm, dell, valley
当てはめるあてはめるto apply, to adapt
考慮こうりょconsideration, taking into account
諦めあきらめresignation, acceptance, consolation
物体ぶったいbody, object
安定あんていstability, equilibrium
欠けるかけるto be lacking
Page 162
数人すうにんseveral people
素材そざいraw materials, subject matter
縫い込むぬいこむto sew in
ご存じごぞんじknowing, acquaintance
著しいいちじるしいremarkable, considerable
詰め物つめものfilling or packing material, stuffing, padding

Story 4, Chapter 1


Vocabulary/New Kanji

Page 164
差し入れさしいれinsertion, sending to a prisoner
本格ほんかくpropriety, fundamental rules
そそるto excite, to incite, to stimulate, to arouse, to tempt, to stir up
一致いっちcoincidence, agreement, union, match; conformity, consistency; co-operation
ていbus stop
落着らくちゃくbeing settled, coming to a conclusion
試食ししょくsampling food
試作品しさくひんtrial product
率直そっちょくfrankness, candour, openheartedness
堤防ていぼうbank, weir
もといcorrection, "not that, but this"
種類しゅるいvariety, kind, type, category, counter for different sorts of things
盛りつけるもりつけるto dish up
完熟かんじゅくcompletely ripe or mature
食べ盛りたべざかりgrowing child's hearty appetite
上機嫌じょうきげんgood humor
比べるくらべるto compare
Page 165
足りないたりないlacking, not enough, not worth, unworthy, fall short, dim-witted
茹でるゆでるto boil
炊くたくto boil, to cook
野沢菜ピクルスのざわなぴくるすPickled spinach, bok choy, green stuff
少な目すくなめsomewhat below, slightly below
ふっくら??? plump, fluffy ???
アンケートあんけいとquestionnaire, survey
clique, faction, school
住人じゅうにんdweller, inhabitant, resident
的確てっかくprecise, accurate
障りさわりhindrance, obstacle, harm, bad effect, sickness
当たり障りのないあたりさわりのないharmless and inoffensive
検討けんとうconsideration, examination, investigation, study, scrutiny
出前でまえcatering, meal delivery service
早々/早早そうそう/はやばやearly, quickly
Page 166
何やらなにやらsomething, for some reason
拭くふくto wipe, to dry
引き取るひきとるto take charge of, to take over, to retire to a private place
Page 167
正門せいもんmain gate, main entrance
ごちそうfeast, treating (someone)
鉗むつぐむto shut one's mouth
囲むかこむto surround, to encircle
囲まれるかこまれるto be surrounded, to be framed, to be encircled
囲うかこうto enclose
日らしいひらしいwhat kind of day is it? what holiday is it?
Page 168
びょうsecond (of time)
早歩きはやあるきwalking briskly
引き返すひきかえすto repeat, to send back, to bring back, to retrace one's steps
靴箱くつばこshoe box
本のほんのmere, only, just
たどりto grope along to, to struggle on to, to arrive somewhere after a struggle
学ランがくらんboy's school uniform
おとうとyounger brother
それだけでbecause of just that, that alone was cause for
さわやかfresh, refreshing, invigorating, clear, fluent, eloquent, graceful
Page 169
青年せいねんyouth, young man
好青年こうせいねんnice young man

Story 4, Chapter 2



The first line on page 186 has Sachiko-sama admonishing Yumi to relax and dance:


This literally translates to "It's better not to think. Trust and believe in your body to remember." But every Parliament Funkadelic fan knows that this is really Japanese for "Free your mind and your ass will follow."


Ah, the dreaded university entrance exams.

This is a gross generalization that's surely inaccurate, but in general, the top universities, especially the national universities like Tokyo University and Kyoto University, have a strong reputation, and are very hard to get into. Private universities are easier, and ones that accept students without testing from their attached high schools, are even easier. So for Hanadera University to hold such a high reputation, even though it lets 30 or so boys enter without an entrance exam, is a rarity.

I wonder if the non-Hanadera schools that accept students without testing are similar to junior colleges in the United States, which accept all applicants as long as they have a high school diploma or GED. Probably not a good analogy, since junior colleges are usually 2-year associate degree schools, from which many students graduate into a 4-year university somewhere else.


My dad played one of these every once in a while.

I'm not sure I'd call it nostalgic.

It's kind of like a giant harmonica, but instead of selecting notes with your mouth, you play keys on a piano-like keyboard.


Yeah, it's that "meeting with the intention of marriage" omiai.


Which reading of 間 to use? Usually, use あいだ, but if followed by と, use ま.

読む間よむあいだwhen I was reading
一瞬の間といっしゅんのまとfor just a moment


優先ゆうせんpreference, priority
身分みぶんsocial position, social status
受験じゅけんtaking an examination
優秀ゆうしゅうsuperiority, excellence
上位じょういsuperior (rank not class), higher order (e.g. byte), host computer (of connected device)
付属ふぞくattached, belonging, affiliated, annexed, associated, subordinate, incidental, dependent, auxiliary
無試験むしけんwithout an examination
合格ごうかくsuccess, passing (e.g. exam), eligibility
もれたるto leak out, to escape, to come through, to shine through, to filter out, to be omitted
人当たりひとあたりinfluence of one's manners
すらっとした体軀すらっとしたたいくtall and slender
指導力しどうりょくone's leadership (over the group), (lack) leadership qualities
Page 170
一族いちぞくa family, relatives, dependents; a household
分かれ道わかれみちbranch, forked road, crossroads, branch road, parting of the ways, turning point
釈迦しゃかShakyamuni, the Buddha
ドキッとどきっとfeeling a shock; startling
Page 171
屋内おくないindoor (court, pool, etc)
心地ここちfeeling, sensation, mood
ぐるっとturning in a circle
気のせいきのせいin (my, your) imagination
追いかけるおいかけるto chase or run after someone, to run down, to pursue
詮索せんさくinquiry into, investigation
Page 172
当初とうしょat first
にんobligation, duty, charge, responsibility
取って置きとっておきvalued, the best, object set aside or held in reserve
客人きゃくじんcaller, visitor, company, guest
場慣ればなれexperience, poise in a critical situation
得体えたいnature, character
おくtimid, hesitant
振る舞うふるまうto behave, to conduct oneself, to entertain VT
道案内みちあんないguidepost, guidance, guide, street map
大任たいにんimportant task, heavy responsibility
Page 173
世慣れるよなれるto become used to the (ways of the) world, to become worldly or sophisticated
ハラハラはらはらheart going pit-a-pat, twitterpating, falling rapidly in big drops, suspenseful
辛口からくちdry taste
呵々かかroaring (laugh)
手振りてぶりmovements or gestures of hands or arms
あたぼう(see あたりまえ: usual, common, ordinary, natural, reasonable, obvious)
レッテルれっでるlabel (mailing, sticker)
貼るはるto stick, to paste
あいにくunfortunately, Sorry, but....; likes and dislikes
気の利いたきのきいたsensible, clever, smart, decent, tasteful
Page 174
しなcoquettish gesture (like the exaggerated gestures of actors in kabuki playing females)
特製とくせいspecial make, deluxe
名付けるなづけるto name (someone)
ばっかりonly (see ばかり below)
許りばかりapproximately, just, only, merely, nothing but
腹拵えはらごしらえhaving a meal, a special meal before a special event, like a meal before a duel, or a test
装いよそおいdress, outfit, equipment
っぷり(suffix) manner, way, (like かた)
しょく(counter) for colors
Page 175
均等きんとうequality, uniformity, evenness
異性いせいthe opposite sex
Page 176
せんline (also telephone, railway), wire, beam
いい線いってるいいせんいってclose enough
今まさいままさright now
平らげるたいらげるto subjugate, to put down (trouble), to consume (food), to eat up
克服こくふくsubjugation, conquest
目標もくひょうmark, objective, target
何人もなんびともeveryone, all
甲斐性かいしょうresourcefulness, ability
出来上がりできあがりbe finished, ready, made for, cut out
出来上がるできあがるto be finished, to be ready, by definition; to be very drunk
めかけmistress, kept woman, concubine
名誉めいよhonor, credit, prestige
いらないnot need?
好きになるすきになるbegin to like, the more I like
欠点けってんfaults, defect, weakness
見あたるみあたるto find, to come across
好感こうかんgood feeling, good will, favorable impression
満点まんてんperfect score
作り上げるつくりあげるto make up, to fabricate, to build up, to complete, to construct
免疫めんえきimmunity, immunization
筋書きすじがきsynopsis, outline, plot
Page 177
間違ってもまちがってもby all means, no matter what
恋人こいびとlover, sweetheart
第一段階だいいちかいだんfirst phase, first steps
役目やくめduty, business
白羽しろはwhite feather
白羽の矢を立つしろはのやをたつpick someone out, to be chosen
引き合うひきあうto pay, to be profitable
欠席けっせきabsence, non-attendance
あげくin the end, finally, at last
あげくの果てあげくのはてfinally, in the end, on top of all that
気に食わないきにくわないunable to stomach
Page 178
しらばくれてas if one didn't know
逃げ去るにげさるto take flight, to disappear
しかないしか+ない=nothing but, only, just, merely
別の話別の話different story, something else
意欲いよくwill, desire, ambition
三叉路さんさろthree-forked road
遠回りとおまわりout of the way, indirect
Page 179
擦れ違うすれちがうto pass by one another, to disagree, to miss each other
説教せっきょうpropound, preach, sermon
ひまfree time, leisure, leave, spare time; farewell
足を伸ばすあしをのばすstretch one's legs
とぼとぼtotteringly, trudgingly, ploddingly
余程よっぽどvery, greatly, much, to a large extent, quite
足もとあしもとat one's feet, underfoot; gait, pace, step
Page 180
探し出すさがしだすto find out
連れ戻すつれもどすto bring back
いっぱしのpretty good, good enough
主におもにmainly, primarily
先客せんきゃくthe preceding visitor
駆け出すかけだすto run off, to break into a run, to start running
うつむきlying face down, upside down
Page 181
自己嫌悪じこけんおself-hatred, self-abhorrence
暴走ぼうそうrunning wildly
飛び乗るとびのるto jump on
悠然ゆうぜんwith an air of composure, calmly
Page 182
会場かいじょうassembly hall, meeting place, the grounds
大勢おおぜいmany, crowd
強烈きょうれつstrong, intense, severe
目まぐるしいめまぐるしいhectic, bewildering, bustling, dizzy
一体いったいone object, one body; what on earth?, really?; generally
拝むおがむto worship, to beg, to make a supplication
打ち明けるうちあけるto be frank, to speak one's mind, to open one's heart
Page 183
対面たいめんinterview, meeting
物陰ものかげcover, under cover, shelter, hiding
盗み見るぬすみみるto steal a glance
本意ほんいone's real intent, motive, hopes
不本意ふほんいreluctance, unwilling
応援おうえんaid, assistance, help, reinforcement, rooting, barracking, support, cheering
Page 184
すっきりshapely, clear, neat
狼狽えるうろたえるto be flustered, to loose one's presence of mind
引き寄せるひきよせるto draw or pull something towards oneself (e.g. chair)
滅相めっそうextravagant, absurd
堅いかたいhard (esp. wood), steadfast, honorable, stuffy writing
辞退じたいrefusal, declination
よくても/よくってもat best
滑らかなめらかsmoothness, glassiness
身もふたもないみもふたもないbe brutally honest
重ねるかさねpile, heap, layer, suits, set, course (stones)
Page 186
任すまかすto entrust, to leave to a person
焦るあせるto be in a hurry, to be impatient
下手したてthe foot, humble position, lower part, left part of the stage, lower direction
下手へたunskillful, poor, awkward
裏にうちにamidst, in
肩の力を抜くかたのちからをぬくrelax one's shoulders
自惚れうぬぼれpretension, conceit, hubris
さしたるwith (without+neg) significant __
滞りとどこおりstagnation, hindrance, delay
Page 187
噛み付くかみつくto bite (at), to snap at, to snarl at
評判ひょうばんfame, reputation, popularity, arrant
戸惑いとまどいbeing at sea, losing one's bearings
添え物そえものaddition, supplement
福神漬けふくじんづけvegetables pickled in soy sauce
見栄えみばえshow, display, appearance, vanity, charm, attraction
見栄を張るみえをはるto show off
手に入るてにはいるto obtain, to come into possession of
幸せしあわせhappiness, good fortune, luck, blessing
Page 188
合流ごうりゅうconfluence, union, linking up, merge
合わすあわすto join together, to face, to unite, to be opposite, to combine, to connect, to add up, to mix, to match, to overlap, to compare, to check with
合わせるあわせるto join together, to be opposite, to face, to unite, to combine, to connect, to add up, to mix, to match, to overlap, to compare, to check with
観念かんねんidea, notion, conception; sense (e.g. of duty); resignation, preparedness, acceptance
基本のホールドきほんのほうるどbasic hold (dance position, one hand up and out, one waist high)
手前てまえbefore, this side, we, you
鳴門なるとsteamed fish-paste cake, sliced to decorate soup
狭いせまいnarrow, confined, small
歩幅ほはばstep, pace
調節ちょうせつregulation, adjustment, control
多用たようbusy, make use of many different things
Page 189
注文ちゅうもんorder, request
統一とういつunity, consolidation, uniformity, unification, compatible
調整ちょうせいregulation, adjustment, tuning
スッキリすっきりshapely, clear, neat; refreshed
纏まるまとまるto be collected, to be settled, to be in order
もたつくto be slow, to not make progress, to be inefficient
何となくなんとなくfor some reason (or other)
霞むかすむto grow hazy, to be misty
すれ違うすれちがうto pass by one another, to disagree, to miss each other
Page 190
言い捨てるいいすてるto say (something) over one's shoulder
外壁がいへきouter wall
声をかけるこえをかけるto greet, to call out to someone
素振りそぶりbehavior, manner, attitude, bearing
ぐれるto stray from the right path
のんきcarefree, optimistic, careless, reckless, heedless
陸上りくじょうland, ground, shore
Page 191
微かかすかfaint, dim, weak, indistinct, hazy, poor, wretched
再会さいかいanother meeting, meeting again, reunion
Page 192
ニコリにこりsmile (sweetly), grin
立ち尽くすたちつくすto stand stock still
回復かいふくrecovery (from illness), improvement, rehabilitation, restoration
漂うただようto drift about, to float, to hang in air
仏頂面ぶっちょうづらsulky face
Page 193
付き合う/つき合うつきあうto associate with, to keep company with, to get on with
疲労ひろうfatigue, weariness
送るおくるto send (a thing), to dispatch, to take or escort (a person somewhere), to see off (a person), to spend a period of time, to live a life
ご苦労さまごくろうさまI appreciate your efforts
濃いこいthick (as of color, liquid), dense, strong
手を伸ばすてをのばすto reach for
不首尾ふしゅびfailure, fizzle, disgrace, disfavour

Story 5, Chapter 1



竹輪(竹輪)is a yummy fish cake that shows up in oden a lot. It's hollow down the middle, kind of tube-like.


新聞紙/しんぶんし is かいぶん: a palindrome.

Vdict + べく:supposed

Vdict + べく is "as they were supposed to V." Page 197 has Tsutako-san and Yumi each going their separate ways to where they're supposed to go: 二人はそれぞれの場所に行くべく左右に分かれていった。

Vocabulary/New Kanji

Page 194
語弊ごへいfaulty expression
へんchange, incident, disturbance, strange, flat (music), odd, peculiar, suspicious-looking, queer, eccentric, funny
可笑しいおかしいstrange, funny, amusing, ridiculous
迫りせまり??? impending ???
浮き足立つうきあしだつto be prepared to flee
午前中いっぱいごぜんちゅういっぱいhalf-day packed into the morning, over at noon
各自かくじindividual, each
せきone's family register, one's domicile
籍をおくせきをおくto become a member
竹輪ちくわtube-shaped fish paste cake
魅力みりょくcharm, fascination, glamour
気位きぐらいpride, haughtiness
如何なるいかなるany kind of (with neg. verb)
芯/心しんcore, heart, wick, marrow
然るしかるa particular, a certain
然るにしかるにhowever, still, but
果てはてthe end, the extremity, the limit(s), the result
嚙む/噛むかむto bite, to chew, to gnaw
噛み締めるかみしめるto chew well, to digest
呼びつける/呼び付けるよびつけるto summon, to get used to call
美的びてきesthetic, aesthetic
美的感覚びてきかんかくsense of beauty, aesthetic sense
独特どくとくpeculiarity, uniqueness, characteristic
出向しゅっこうbeing transferred, proceeding, leaving for
頼み事たのみことa request, a favor
Page 196
近頃ちかごろlately, recently, nowadays
はみ出てはみでてsticking out
新聞紙しんぶんしnewspaper paper
広げるひろげるto spread, to extend, to expand, to enlarge, to widen, to broaden, to unfold, to open, to unroll
跳躍力ちょうやくりょくjumping power
迂回うかいdetour, turning movement (mil)
仕業しわざact, action, deed, (has bad connotations)
裏で手を回すうらでてをまわすunderhanded (literally, hands behind your back)
見かねるみかねるcan't stand (to watch)
直談判じかだんぱんdirect talks
取村しゅざいdo a story on, paparazzi (literally "get material")
Page 197
全貌ぜんぼうwhole story, full picture, full particulars
記事きじarticle, news story, report, account
詳しいくわしいknowing very well, detailed, full, accurate
左右さゆうleft and right; influence, control, domination
Page 198
失踪しっそうabscondence, disappearance
形見分けかたみわけdistribution of mementos
一笑いっしょうa laugh, a smile
半ばなかばmiddle, half, semi, halfway, partly
別問題べつもんだいdifferent thing, another question, different case
窓辺まどべby the window
景色けしきscenery, scene, landscape
幽閉ゆうへいconfinement, imprisonment, incarceration, house arrest, depressed feeling
Page 199
整備せいびadjustment, completion, consolidation
充てるあてるto assign, to set aside
三昧さんまいself-effacement, concentration, absorption
反動はんどうreaction, recoil, kick
Page 200
重苦しいおもくるしいheavy, gloomy, awkward, cumbrous, oppressive, leaden
悩みなやみtrouble(s), worry, distress, anguish, agony, problem
悩み事なやみごとsomething causing worry
真顔まがおserious look
Page 201
呆気あっけtaken aback, dumbfounded
呆気ないあっけないnot enough, too quick (short, long, etc.)
期日きじつfixed date, settlement date
何回なんかいhow many times?
吐き捨てるはきすてるto spit out
計画けいかくplan, project, schedule, scheme, program
身も蓋もないみもふたもないcompletely ruined
Page 202
押し出すおしだすto crowd out, to push out, to squeeze out
時間は過ぎるじかんがすぎるtime passes by
欲張りよくばりavarice, covetousness, greed
欲張るよくばるto covet, to lust for
有効ゆうこうvalidity, availability, effectiveness
自宅じたくone's home
観ずるみずる/かんずるto view, to contemplate
ラストスパートらすとすぱあとfinal burst before the finish
Page 203
万一まんいちby some chance, by some possibility, if by any chance, 10,000:1 odds

Story 5, Chapter 2



Usually one would write 祥子が好き? but Rosa Gigantea speaks a less formal form of Japanese.


変身へんしんmetamorphosis, disguise, transformation
見せ場みせばhighlight scene (of play)
共同/協同きょうどうcooperation, association, collaboration, joint
製作せいさくmanufacture, production
着込むきこむto wear extra clothes
下働きしたばたらきsubordinate work, assistant, servant
煤けるすすけるto be sooty, to be stained
みすぼらしいshabby, seedy
ひもstring, cord; pimp
仕組みしくみstructure, construction, arrangement, contrivance; plan, plot, contrivance
早変わりはやがわりquick change
着替えるきかえるchanging clothes, change of clothes
いえどもeven if is
殺伐さつばつbloodthirsty, brutal, savage
チラシちらしleaflet, flyer; scattering
借用しゃくようborrowing, loan
二重にじゅうdouble, two-fold, two layers
二重予約にじゅうよやくdouble-book, double-reserve
乱すみだすto throw out of order, to disarrange, to disturb
翻すひるがえすto change (mind), to reverse (decision), to wave, to flutter
翻るひるがえるto turn over, to wave, to flutter
できるだけas much as possible, to the best of one's ability
歩き回るあるきまわるto walk about, to walk to and fro, to pace around
Page 204
慌ただしいあわただしいbusy, hurried, confused, flurried
滑り込むすべりこむto slide into (base), to slip into (ditch)
終えるおえるto finish
一発いっぱつone shot, a round, a charge; homerun (baseball)
扱いあつかいtreatment, service
扱うあつかうto handle, to deal with, to treat
指揮棒しきぼうconductor's stick, conductor's baton
振り回すふりまわすto wield, to brandish, to flourish, to wave (about), to swing, to display, to show off, to abuse
呪文じゅもんspell, charm, incantation, magic words
唱えるとなえるto recite, to chant, to call upon
貴公子きこうしyoung noble, noble youth
何食わぬ顔なにくわぬかおinnocent look
上下じょうげ/うえしたhigh and low, up and down, unloading and loading, praising and blaming
四つん這いよっつんばい(crawl) on all fours, on one's hands and feet, falling flat
Page 205
拍手はくしゅclapping hands, applause
沸き起こる/わき起こるわきおこるto burst, to arise
絞るしぼるto press, to wring, to squeeze, turn up a volume/dimmer knob
終了しゅうりょうend, close, termination
成功せいこうsuccess, hit
大成功だいせいこうhuge success
恐縮きょうしゅくshame, very kind of you, sorry to trouble
Page 206
正統せいとうlegitimate, orthodox, traditional
甲乙こうおつA and B, excellent and good, similarity; discrimination, discernment, distinction
一生いっしょう/いっせいwhole life, a lifetime, all through life, one existence, a generation, an age, the whole world, the era
一生懸命いっしょうけんめいdoing one's very best, giving 100%
ほのぼのdimly, faintly, heartwarming (a story, etc.)
ホームドラマほうむどらまhome drama, soap opera
個性こせいindividuality, personality, idiosyncrasy
励むはげむto be zealous, to brace oneself, to endeavour, to strive, to make an effort
経緯けいいdetails, whole story, sequence of events, particulars, how it started, how things got this way; complications, position
Page 207
こだわるto fuss over, to be particular about, to be concerned about
保健室ほけんしつschool infirmary
明け渡すあけわたすto vacate, to surrender
移すうつすto remove, to transfer, to infect
落語らくごrakugo story, (telling) a comic story
同好どうこうsimilar tastes
ねんsense, idea, thought, feeling, desire, concern, attention, care
むねpurport, principle, instructions, will, thinking
青ざめるあおざめるto become pale
きちんとprecisely, accurately
架けるかけるto hang
立ち寄るたちよるto stop by, to drop in for a short visit
形跡けいせきtraces, evidence
Page 209
裏腹うらはらopposite, reverse, contrary
取り直すとりなおすto re-grip, to re-wrestle (sumo)
留守番るすばんcare-taking, caretaker, house-watching
捜索そうさくsearch (esp. for someone or something missing), investigation
捜索隊そうさくたいsearch party
落ち合うおちあうto gather, to meet, to join, to flow together, to rendezvous
Page 210
渡り廊下わたりろうかconnecting hallway between buildings
臆病おくびょうcowardice, timidity
暴くあばくto disclose, to divulge, to expose; news reporter
生々なまなましいlively, green, fresh, raw
Page 211
高座こうざplatform, stage, upper seat, pulpit
揺するゆするto shake, to jolt, to rock (cradle), to swing
苦しいくるしいpainful, difficult
Page 212
そこそこabout, only, no more than, or so
そこそこhurriedly, in a hurry
足取りあしどりgait, manner of walking (swimming)
掴むつかむto seize, to catch, to grasp, to grip, to grab, to hold, to catch hold of, to lay one's hands on
Page 213
集うつどうto meet, to assemble, to congregate
信頼しんらいreliance, trust, confidence
信用しんようconfidence, dependence, credit, faith, reliance, belief, credence
金網かなあみwire netting, wire mesh, wire screen
越しごしacross, over, beyond
駐車場ちゅうしゃじょうparking lot, parking place
(suffix) department, section
愛車あいしゃ(one's) beloved car
ポツンとぽつんとisolated, standing alone
同類どうるいthe same kind, accomplice, birds of a feather
Page 214
周り/回りまわりcircumference, surroundings, circulation
飛び交うとびかうto fly about, to flutter about, to fly past each other
沿うそうto run along, to follow
最近さいきんlatest, most recent, nowadays
症状しょうじょうsymptoms, condition
当てはまるあてはまるto apply (a rule)
憂鬱ゆううつdepression, melancholy, dejection, gloom
Page 215
前方ぜんぽうforward, frontward
我先にわれさきにself first, striving to be first, scrambling for

Story 5, Chapter 3


困厄者/Troublesome Bad Luck Person

On page 221, Yumi is grasping at straws, coming up with a bizarre mix of kanji characters (困厄者/こんやくしゃ/konyakusha) to match the word Sachiko-sama uses when she explains that Kashiwagi-san is her fiance (婚約者/こんやくしゃ/konyakusha). The kanji Yumi uses are:

こんtroublesome, bother, aggravation
やくbad omen, bad luck


無我夢中むがむちゅうbe absorbed in, lose oneself in
差し掛かるさしかかるto come near to, to approach
摑む/掴むつかむto seize, to catch, to grasp, to grip, to grab, to hold, to catch hold of, to lay one's hands on
Page 216
おのれoneself, (insulting) you (interjection)
両刀りょうとうtwo swords; bisexual
何方付かずどっちつかずgray area, unclear area, uncertain
対処たいしょdeal with, cope
才能さいのうtalent, ability
乱れみだれdisorder, disturbance, unrest
易易やすやすvery easy
突破とっぱbreaking through, breakthrough, penetration
力一杯ちからいっぱいwith might and main
手を振りほどくてをふりほどくbreak free of someone's hands
Page 217
どういうことWhat's the idea? What's going on?
ジリジリじりじりrunning out of patience, slowly approaching, scorching sun, sound of alarm bell
よりにもよってof all, (of all __, why this now?)
現行犯げんこうはんflagrante delicto, caught red-handed
引き渡すひきわたすto deliver, to extradite, to stretch across, to hand over
賛成さんせいapproval, agreement, support, favour
申し開きもうしひらきan excuse (humble form), a defense
ぼくI (male)
問答もんどうquestions and answers, dialogue
守衛しゅえいsecurity guard, doorkeeper
きびすを返すきびすをかえすto turn on one's heel; to retrace one's steps
Page 218
一斉いっせいsimultaneous, all at once
伏し目ふしめdowncast look
伏し目がちふしめがちthrough downcast eyes
深々/深深ふかぶかvery deeply
四方よも/しほうevery direction
Page 219
弁明べんめいexplanation, excuse, vindication, apology
言い争ういいあらそうto quarrel, to dispute
言い争いいいあらそいa quarrel, argument
お手上げおてあげall over, given in, given up hope, bring to knees
忍ぶしのぶto conceal oneself, to hide; to endure
しわwrinkles, creases
拗れるこじれるto get complicated, to grow worse
沙汰さたaffair, state
穏便おんびんgentle, peaceable, quiet
諄いくどいverbose, importunate, heavy (taste)
回りくどいまわりくどいcircuitous, roundabout, indirect
Page 220
解くとくto solve, to answer, to untie
虫食むむしばむto eat into (e.g. by worms), to spoil, to ruin, to undermine
不可ふかwrong, bad, improper, unjustifiable, inadvisable
過剰かじょうexcess, over-
生理せいりphysiology, menses
生理的せいりてきphysiological, physiologic, physiologically
だらけimplying (negatively) that something is full of, e.g. mistakes
従兄いとこ/じゅうけいolder male cousin
Page 221
婚約者こんやくしゃfiance, fiancee
聖女せいじょsaint, holy woman
反りそりwarp, curvature, curve, arch
困厄者こんやくしゃ??? troublesome bad luck person ???
将来しょうらいfuture, prospects
Page 222
言い交わすいいかわすto exchange words or promises, to promise
なぞるto trace (drawing), to follow
この上ないこのうえないbest, ultimate, huge
不潔ふけつunclean, dirty, filthy, impure
Page 224
平手ひらてpalm of the hand; equality
木霊こだまecho; the spirit of a tree
調子ちょうしtune, tone, key, pitch, time, rhythm, vein, mood, way, manner, style, knack, condition, state of health, strain, impetus, spur of the moment, trend
調子に乗るちょうしにのるto be elated, to be caught up in the moment
映像えいぞうreflection, image
ほお/ほほcheek (of face)
滑るすべるto glide, to slide, to slip
心の底こころのそこbottom of one's heart
Page 225
立ち直る立ち直るto regain one's footing, to recover, (of the market) to improve
しる/つゆjuice, sap, soup, broth
染みしみstain, spot
染み抜きしみぬきstain removal
失せるうせるto disappear, to vanish

Story 5, Chapter 4



古びるふるびるto look old, to get old
園芸えんげいhorticulture, gardening
世話せわlooking after, help, aid, assistance
教材きょうざいteaching materials
購入こうにゅうpurchase, buy
新型しんがたnew style
所々ところどころ/しょしょhere and there, some parts (of something)
取り壊すとりこわすto demolish, to pull down, to destruct, to dismantle
熱狂ねっきょうwild enthusiasm, being crazy about
訴えるうったえるto sue (a person), to resort to, to appeal to
Page 226
解釈かいしゃくexplanation, interpretation
ゆとりreserve, affluence, room, time (to spare)
西日にしびwestering sun
温かいあたたかいwarm, mild, genial
室内しつないin the room
吊りつりfishing, angling, (hanging)
はちa bowl, a pot, a basin, a flowerpot, a crown, a brainpan
通路つうろpassage, pathway
切り取るきりとるto cut off, to excise, to tear off, to cut out, to whittle down, to tear out, to cut down, to amputate
むき出す/剥き出すむきだすto show, to bare (the teeth)
陣取るじんどるto encamp, to take up positions
鉢植えはちうえpotted plant
退かすどかすto remove
Page 227
隠れん坊かくれんぼ/かくれんぼうhide and seek (the game)
がく(suffix) picture (framed), amount or sum (of money)
ひたいforehead, brow
しゃくりあげてconvulsive (sobbing?)
堪らないたまらないintolerable, unbearable, unendurable
抱き寄せるだきよせるto embrace
しがみ付くしがみつくto cling
泣き止むなきやむto stop crying, to cry oneself out
Page 228
しばしfor a little while
決まりきまりsettlement, conclusion, regulation, rule, custom
同士どうしfellow, companion, comrade
蛇口じゃぐちfaucet, tap
捻るひねるto turn (a switch) on or off, to twist, to puzzle over
Page 229
本位ほんいstandard, basis, principle
家系かけいfamily lineage
自分本位じぶんほんいselfish, egocentric
悪意あくいill will, malice, spite, evil intention, bad faith
厄介やっかいtrouble, burden, care, bother, worry, dependence, support, kindness, obligation
婿養子むこようしson-in-law taken (adopted) into family
養子ようしadopted child, son-in-law
ゆくゆくon the way, someday
望むのぞむto desire, to wish for, to see, to command (a view of)
株式かぶしきstock (company)
株式会社かぶしきがいしゃpublic company, corporation
明治めいじMeiji era
頑固がんこstubbornness, obstinacy
譲るゆずるto turn over, to assign, to hand over, to transmit, to convey, to sell, to dispose of, to yield, to surrender;
Page 230
いわいcelebration, festival
者同士しゃどうしfellow comrade person
旨く行くうまくいくto go smoothly, to turn out well
上手くいくうまくいくto have peaceful relations
干渉かんしょうinterference, intervention
恋愛れんあいlove, love-making, passion, emotion, affections
対象たいしょうtarget, object (of worship, study, etc), subject (of taxation, etc)
産む/生むうむto give birth, to deliver, to produce
年下とししたyounger, junior
余るあまるto remain, to be left over, to be in excess, to be too many
憎い/憎いにくいhateful, abominable, poor-looking, detestable
輪をかけるわをかけるto be compounded by
冗談めかしてじょうだんめかしてin the form of a joke
伴侶はんりょpartner, companion
消化不良しょうかふりょうindigestion, dyspepsia
抹殺まっさつerasure, denial, obliteration, ignoring (an opinion)
屈折くっせつbending, indentation, refraction
解消かいしょうcancellation, liquidation
Page 231
逃走とうそうflight, desertion, escape
同性愛者どうせいあいしゃhomosexual (person)
感づくかんづくto apprehend, to get an inkling (of something), to smell (danger)
疑惑ぎわくdoubt, misgivings, distrust, suspicion
打ち消すうちけすto deny, to negate, to contradict
目算もくさんexpectations, anticipation, calculation, estimate, plan
侮るあなどるto despise, to disdain, to make light of
正しいただしいright, just, correct, righteous, honest, truthful, proper, straightforward, perfect
懺悔ざんげrepentance, confession, penitence
辛いからいhot (spicy), salty; tough (on someone), adverse, harsh
辛いつらいpainful, heart-breaking
Page 232
取り返すとりかえすto regain, to recover, to get back
務めつとめservice, duty, business, responsibility, task; Buddhist religious services
Page 233
収まるおさまるto be in one's place, to be installed, to settle into; to be obtained, to be settled, to be paid, to be delivered
品種ひんしゅbrand, kind, description
Page 234
予備軍 よびぐんreserve army, reserve troops
いくつもmany, a (great) number of
四季咲きしきざきblooming in each season
薄暗いうすぐらいdim, gloomy
近道ちかみちshort way, shortcut
あて(noun, used as a suffix) addressed to
持ち込むもちこむto lodge, to take something into .., to bring in
矢印やじるしdirecting arrow
雑巾ぞうきんhouse-cloth, dust cloth

Story 6, Chapter 1


65D = 26C

Japanese bra sizes are measured in centimeters, US in inches. 65cm = 26inches

Japanese cup size letters are one letter higher than US cup sizes, so D cup = C cup.

I could be wrong about this.


Page 235
順路じゅんろ(regular) route
案内係あんないがかりclerk at the information desk
Page 236
詰め寄るつめよるto draw near, to draw closer
座布団ざぶとんcushion (Japanese), square cushion used when sitting on one's knees in a tatami-mat floor
Page 237
筆ペンふでペンcalligraphy pen
達筆たっぴつskillful writing, speedy writing
記すしるすto note, to write down
圧倒あっとうoverwhelm, overpower, overwhelming
口あんぐりくちあんぐりdumbfounded, open-mouthed
親密しんみつintimacy, friendship
賑わいにぎわいprosperity, bustle, activity, crowd, turnout
形相ぎょうそう/けいそう features, look, aspect, phase, form
白雪姫しらゆきひめSnow White
釣り上げるつりあげるto pull in (fish), to boost (prices), to raise (eyes)
Page 238
せかせかimpetuously, hastily
開演かいえんcurtain raising, starting (e.g. play, concert)
昨夜ゆうべlast night
予定通りよていどおりas planned
下地したじgroundwork, foundation, inclination, aptitude, elementary knowledge of, grounding in, prearrangement, spadework, signs, symptoms, first coat of plastering, soy
多数決たすうけつmajority rule
化粧品けしょうひんcosmetics, toilet articles
紙袋かみぶくろpaper bag
ずれるto slide, to slip off
目も当てられないめもあてられないtoo terrible to look at, I can't bear to watch
新品しんぴん(brand-)new article
Page 239
気恥ずかしいきはずかしいembarrassed, feeling ashamed or awkward
見慣れるみなれるto become used to seeing, to be familiar with
もどかしいirritating, not quick enough, tantalizing, feel impatient, tardy
号令ごうれいorder, command
愛用あいようfavorite, habitual use
はぎ取るはぎとるto tear off, to strip, to rob
ガバガバがばがばtoo large, baggy
結い上げるゆいあげるto wear one's hair up, to arrange one's hair
髪の毛かみのけhair (head)
遅刻ちこくlateness, late coming
Page 240
格闘かくとうhand-to-hand fighting, grappling
滑稽こっけいfunny, humorous, comical, laughable, ridiculous, joking
待機たいきalert, standby, await an opportunity, wait for orders
店番みせばんstore tending, salesperson
化けるばけるto appear in disguise, to take the form of, to change for the worse
興味津々きょうみしんしんvery interesting, of absorbing interest, of great interest
じゅんorder, turn
記念きねんcommemoration, memory
記念写真きねんしゃしんsouvenir photograph
極めつけきわめつけthe great-granddaddy of them all
Page 241
ふでwriting brush
揃いそろいset, suit, uniform
とばりcurtain, bunting, act (in play)
客席きゃくせきguest seating
観客席かんきゃくせきaudience seating
満席まんせきsold out, fully occupied
今や遅しといまやおそしとimpatiently, eagerly
チラホラちらほらhere and there, now and then, in twos and threes
立ち見たちみstand watching a performance
しょぼくれるto be dispirited, to be dejected, to be disheartened, to lose heart
取れるとれるto come off, to be taken off, to be removed, to be obtained, to leave, to come out (e.g. photo), to be interpreted
ほんのりslightly, faintly
演技えんぎacting, performance
演技力えんぎりょくacting skill
前向きまえむきfacing forward, positively
晴れ姿はれすがたappearing in one's finest clothes, appearing in one's hour of triumph
一世一代いっせいちだいonce in a lifetime, of one's lifetime
Page 243
歩むあゆむto walk, to go on foot

Story 6, Chapter 2


Folk Dances: Oklahoma Mixer, Mayim-Mayim

Oklahoma Mixer is songs like "Turkey in the Straw". You can see an Oklahoma Mixer in Azumanga Daioh, where Kaorin dances with Sakaki.

Mayim-Mayim is another school folk dance.


板切れいたきれscrap lumber, piece of wood
赤々あかあかbright red, bright
下書きしたがきrough copy, draft
呼び込むよびこむto call in, to restore a disowned son
火にくべるひにくべるthrow on the fire
製作者せいさくしゃmanufacturer, producer
鮮やかあざやかvivid, clear, brilliant
焼き付けるやきつけるto burn or bake into
Page 244
楽器がっきmusical instrument
軽快けいかいrhythmical (e.g. melody), casual (e.g. dress), light, nimble
燃えるもえるto burn
燃え盛るもえさかるto blaze, to burn brightly
ほのおflame, blaze
つつみbank, embankment, dike
一望いちぼうone sweep (of the eye), an unbroken view
土手どてembankment, bank
ポッカリぽっかりlightly; gaping wide
解けるほどけるto come untied, to come apart
繋がりつながりconnection, link, relationshi
幸運こううんgood luck, fortune
正にまさにcorrectly, surely
handle, grip
Page 245
しゃがむto squat
体勢たいせいposture, stance
哀愁あいしゅうpathos, sorrow, grief
浸るひたるto be soaked in, to be flooded
ふくらはぎcalf (of leg)
閉幕へいまくfalling of the curtain
ミルクホール.milk bar (literally "milk hall")
自動販売機じどうはんばいきvending machine
挿すさすto insert, to put in, to graft, to wear in belt
乾杯かんぱいtoast (drink)
側面そくめんside, flank, sidelight, lateral
くっ付けるくっつけるto attach
何時しかいつしかbefore one knows, unnoticed, unawares
盆踊りぼんおどりBon Festival dance, Lantern Festival dance
弦楽四重奏げんがくしじゅうそうstring quartet
音頭おんどworkmen's songs, marching songs;
不明ふめいunknown, obscure, indistinct, uncertain, ambiguous, ignorant, lack of wisdom, anonymous, unidentified
Page 246
宣伝せんでんpropaganda, publicity
一気飲みいきのみbinge drinking, chugging, downing a mug of beer in one gulp
痛みいたみpain, ache, sore, grief, distress
肉体にくたいthe body, the flesh
相殺そうさつoffsetting each other, plus and minus equal zero, counterbalancing
Page 247
遮るさえぎるto interrupt, to intercept, to obstruct
神聖しんせいholiness, sacredness, dignity
Page 248
未熟みじゅくinexperience, unripeness, raw, unskilled, immature, inexperienced
懐かしいなつかしいdear, desired, missed
Page 249
合奏がっそうconcert, ensemble
歌声うたごえsinging voice




作家さっかauthor, writer, novelist, artist
文庫ぶんこlibrary, book collection
常連じょうれんregular customer
雑誌ざっしjournal, magazine
実体験実体験real experience, real-life experience
Page 251
其処ら そこらeverywhere, somewhere, approximately, that area, around there
所謂いわゆるthe so-called, so to speak
母校ぼこうalma mater
進学校しんがっこうgoing to next school?
丸っ切りまるっきりcompletely, perfectly, just as if
バリバリばりばりtearing, crunching (sound), work hard, actively
敷地内しきちないproperty, grounds, compound
修道院しゅうどういんmonastery, convent, cloister, abbey
保母ほぼday care worker in a kindergarten, nursery school, etc.
そっくりall, altogether, entirely, be just like, the splitting image of
色んな いろんなvarious
架空かくうaerial, overhead, fiction, fanciful
共感きょうかんsympathy, response
比べるくらべるto compare
同業者どうぎょうしゃperson in the same business, the profession, the trade
五十音順ごじゅうおんじゅんthe syllabary order
突き返すつきかえすto poke in return, to send back, to reject
煽るあおるto fan, to agitate, to stir up
理性りせいreason, sense
Page 252
編集部へんしゅうぶeditorial department
ひびき・玲音ひびき・れいねHIBIKI Reine
次回じかいnext time (occasion)
無国籍むこくせきstatelessness (without a country)
夕餉ゆうげevening meal, supper, dinner
申し上げるもうしあげるto say, to tell, to state